Oxygen Strategic Opportunities - June 2009




Oxygen this summer launched a new music initiative designed to introduce the network's girl-power demo to a roster of emerging artists.  On Wednesday, July 15th, the network flipped the switch on "Sounds Like Oxygen," a multiplatform campaign featuring on-air vignettes.  This new initiative fits within Oyxgen's strategy to reimagine itself as a multiplatform  lifestyle brand.

Oxygen's programming initiatives and their decision to move forward with another night of originals underscore Oxygen's long term strategy to appeal to a very valuable audience.  They have delivered that coveted demo tin 1st quarter  2009 and are 'living out loud' with new projects featuring boisterous, saucy, charismatic and over-the-top personalities whose distinctive voice has set their network apart from the pack.

Oxygen is putting its money where its mouth is, as the "Live Out Loud"-branded network turns up the volume with several new reality series. They are going to continue to stick with the reality format for now.  Oxygen will be expanding the roster of rowdy characters that rule with viewers.  Such shows are part of a long-term programming strategy positioned to appeal to young, entertainment-loving female viewers between 18 and 34 years of age, whom Oxygen refers to as "Generation O.".  Oxygen coins them as viewers who like to say they're spenders, trenders and recommenders; they're young and really interested in pop culture and entertainment.  New shows like this are being created to differentiate the network from older-skewing competitors Lifetime, WE TV and even Bravo.

Oxygen has just greenlighted a series and is developing a slate of four new projects as part of an aggressive push to ramp up its original programming.

Oxygen's newest acquisition AMERICA'S NEXT TOP MODEL franchise will be a great fit to add to their slate of original programming.  It will enable and introduce the show to an untapped demographically desirable cable audience.  It is also a perfect complement to Oxygen's programming strategy, delivering fun and entertaining shows for women who like to live out loud.  Oxygen's Media general manager Jason Klarman says, "It's got all the right ingredients: a lot of fashion, plenty of beauty and a ton of drama."

Oxygen's young, trend obsessed audience is incredibly valuable to its advertisers.  They want the latest of everything, are willing to pay for it and they love to spread the word.  Oxygen continues to leverage its hit series on every platform and in every location, reaching its target "Generation O" audience everywhere they are. Oxygen is experiencing exponential growth in the first full month since the network adopted a new look and attitude: "Live Out Loud." The multiplatform strategy, Oxygen Everywhere, delivered record-breaking increases on-air, online and on site.

True-crime genre connects with the Oxygen audience  - extraordinary tales about real people.  Personal stories about women opening up in all different situations makes a real connection with the Oxygen viewer.

Oxygen's logo and tagline -- "Live Out Loud," which is intended to represent women who "like to look good, feel good and have fun living life on their own terms."


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