Spike TV Strategic Opportunities - November 2008



The network is about testosterone.  A large portion of the programming will be heavy on the action-adventure drama genre.  Series franchises like THE ULTIMATE FIGHTER and MXC which have sustained cult audience favorites and the nightly primetime airings of off-net series CSI have made it a destination for many men.  However, Spike is looking to expand its audience by focusing on original dramas and action-adventure programming.


*Looking for scripted and unscripted shows in both hour and half-hour formats.  All shows should be male-specific, geared toward men and their tastes and interests.

*One-hours should be action oriented or of the dramedy variety, conceptual in nature, serialized or procedural.

* Half-hours should be irreverent and unapologetic.


Action packed films.


The network does not accept any unsolicited material.  All materials must be submitted through agency, attorney or production company representation.  Sports & Specials are handled on the east coast, scripted and serialized are on the west coast.  There is no e-mail submission process.


Spike TV announced plans to launch several original Web series this year as part of an extensive redesign of Spike.com  Spike.com is trying to aim at creating a leading Web destination for young men.   One in particular, "120 Live," a game show sponsored by the Fusion line of shaving products sold by Gillette, is to appear on Spike six times on Monday and Tuesday. The title derives from the length of the show: two minutes.  Live shows were once a staple of television. Ditto game shows and shows with sponsor products interwoven into the contents. Now the Spike TV cable channel is bringing all three genres back in one fell swoop.  Sponsored shows, which were likewise mainstays of early TV, are coming back on this Channel mainly because it give their advertisers a bigger return on investment.  Gillette will get billing as the sponsor of "120 Live," down to an old-school "Brought to you by..." credit, and the brand will appear onscreen during segments of the show.

Spike continues with its purchasing of off-network acquisitions.  Spike has acquired the first season of Real Vice Cops Uncut, a perfect fit with the all testosterone network.  These shows profile real life police force in action as they take down real criminals involved in the world of narcotics, gambling and prostitution.

Spike TV announced a new slate of non-scripted original pilots that features some of the toughest guys on the planet who manage to succeed and thrive under some of the most perilous conditions. From battling the treacherous waters of the Mississippi to battling international foes overseas, Spike's development slate celebrates the incredible pursuits of an array of real guys geared to resonate with the Spike male-centric brand.

Spike has made a commitment to more new original movies , and under the umbrella title "Spike Guy Movies" that will air throughout 2008.  They have also made the commitment to air these movies, specials and series in high deefinition telecasts where available.


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