Style Strategic Opportunities - October 2008



Style's programming is soley dedicated to the way you live your life by airing originals that cover this spectrum.


Currently, their biggest hit is KIMORA IN THE FAST LANE.  Style execs are looking for a shopping/makeover/ob-docs show.  They need you to explain "What's the story?  The entertainment factor?  Twist?  Who is the host?".  They are also not overly celebrity oriented.  They are lookign to pay between $115-$350 per half-hour; to $500k/hour.  A big series would get a 6 to 10 episode commitment.  Style has committed to ordering 4 - 6 new series each year.


Although Style has traditionally not been a heavy off-net acquisition buyer, they are changing their tune and will be ramping up for more off-nets acquisitions for the future.


The network does not accept unsolicited materials.  You must be represented by an agent, attorney or production company.  There is no e-mail submission process.


Style targets women 18-49, but with a special emphasis on 18-34.  They want to be the providers and expertise and inspiration for women who aspire to look fabulous, celebrate life, live well and be their best.  Their goal as a network is to inspire, give information, entertain, and make you feel better about yourself.

Style Network has expanded its breast cancer awareness campaign Raise Your Hand and Make a Difference to include celebrity PSAs and step-by-step instructions to following the American Cancer Society's new guidelines for conducting Breast Self-Exams. Featuring PSAs from Daisy Fuentes, Denise Richards, Stacy Keibler, Jaime Murray, Kate Flannery, Kim Kardashian and Garcelle Beauvais-Nilon, the Style Network has geared their year round initiative toward building awareness and encouraging action in the fight against breast cancer.

Style's new show THE DISH is the kind of show that Style is trying to define themselves with.  A show that combines passion for the Style category with witty humor and playful fun,  It takes a not-so-serious look at the often very serious world of fashion and finds the comedy in celebrity lifestyles.

Style is looking for show pitches and hosts.  They are particularly interested in lifestyle programming, such as travel, weight loss, cooking and home.  They are looking for unique and refreshing fashion and beauty shows. Much of Style's success is attributable to the network's reality-driven content.  Everyday women who get makeovers, go shopping, do housecleaning and even become an undiscovered Miss America. Style is a niche network with mass appeal "" 90% of shows are original that feature everyday people.

Style's programming is centered on engaging personalities and inspirational stories that are relatable to real women.

Style Network executive vice president Salaam Coleman Smith, it's the reality TV phenomenon that has completely transformed the programming landscape for women.  "The transition of the American public becoming the star of the show has transformed the image of women in media," said Smith. "It's an exciting time because there is so much diversity with how women are portrayed whether positive, negative, outrageous, irreverent or traditional."  Smith attributes its success to tapping into the true desires of what women really want to watch.

Style has been developing properties that speak to their viewers but also showcase personalities and characters - Edgy enough to bring in that young demo, but still accessible to not scare away advertisers.

Shows which represent amazing personalities that people love to watch is what its about on this Channel.  And KIMORA fits the bill with this one.  From her role as a celebrity and successful CEO, to her extraordinary devotion to her children, Kimora's life is always entertaining and often inspiring.  Style viewers have clearly fallen for her and the engaging original series is just the kind of programming that Style needs more of to add to its line-up.

The head of programming/acquisitions Katie Buchanan said she is looking for engaging and informative lifestyle series to add to the channel's line-up.  Shows like MAXED OUT fits the bill as it is entering season #3 on the Channel. (C21 1/4/08)


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