TBS Analysis - July 2011



* Bold denotes programming change


Monday night starts the week with a strong FAMILY GUY block. Tuesdays are once again where THE OFFICE can be found. Wednesday is the female skewing night, with Tyler Perry programming and ARE WE THERE YET? bringing women and African-American viewers to the network. Thursday and Friday are mostly about movies, with FAMILY GUY occasionally leading in or out. Weekend prime is also all about movies, but can house network specials as well.


LIVE PRIMETIME RATINGS COMPARISON July 2011 vs. July 2010 (% Change)




Monday 8-11pm




Tuesday 8-11pm




Wednesday 8-11pm




Thursday 8-11pm




Friday 8-11pm




Saturday 8-11pm




Sunday 8-11pm




MTWTFSS 8-11pm




Source: The Nielsen Company's National Television Audience Sample

JULY 2011:  TBS ratings hit new lows in May of 2011, nudged up slightly in June and fell below May's level's this July. Compared to last year, the network is off by more than 20% on household and 18-49 ratings. To add to the picture, median age climbed 10% vs. last year.

FAMILY GUY continues as the best thing going for TBS. It dominates the ratings and brings Monday nights in as the best rated night of the week, almost doubling the bottom line men 18-49 average. Monday nights are up 6% for men 18-49 and 15% for women 18-49 vs. last year, marking the only increases for the year ago comparisons.

THE OFFICE comes in as the second-best offering for men 18-49. It held audience vs. last month but took a 15% hit vs. last year on that demo. THE OFFICE would benefit from some help on Tuesday nights before it completely burns out.

Wednesday's Tyler Perry fare is also fading. Women are down nearly 30% from last year and 18% from last month. Compared to last year HOUSE OF PAYNE is holding, but MEET THE BROWNS is down by 57%.

Movies failed to pull through for TBS this July as weekends took solid hits. Movies are an important component in TBS' line-up, dominating four nights of the week. This month they pulled down the bottom line with big losses among men 18-49 vs. last year's performance. Ratings were down between 26% and 42%. None of the movies really popped, The best-rated movie on adults 18-49 was Why Did I Get Married, which ranked # 35, behind 31 telecasts of FAMILY GUY and three telecasts of HOUSE OF PAYNE. And in one sentence, that pretty much sums up TBS' month.


Despite the declining numbers, there isn't much new for TBS primetime programming this summer. THE BIG BANG THEORY is coming this fall as a lead-in to CONAN two nights a week, at a price to TBS of $2 million per episode. A couple of new programs have been announced for summer 2012. Movie acquisition has been quiet as competitors FX and USA snap up the big titles produced by their respective parent companies.  In latenight, CONAN is struggling while LOPEZ TONIGHT has been cancelled. Which is a long way of saying that we don't see TBS turning the corner any time soon.

Comments from Steve Koonin, president of Turner Entertainment Networks in THE WALL STREET JOURNAL shed a little light on what is going on at TBS:

- " Conan personifies the smart funny tone that we want TBS to have. His program is the signature show of our line-up and the centerpiece of our network,"

- "We want TBS to be a leading comedy brand," Koonin said before acknowledging: "How we get to that destination we don't have 100 percent mapped out today."