Vh1 Strategic Opportunities - September 2008



Vh1 has been extremely successful in the creation of an entirely new genre of programming.  Coining the phrase Celebreality, Vh1 has created several hit shows revolving around celebrities, past and present, and their "real" lives.   

So now, the task at hand is to determine how they can expand beyond what's expected - and reach out to an even broader audience.  It's great to have programs that are celebrity-based, but anything that has amazing characters, tells a good story, and does it in a compelling way, is going to interest the net.


Vh1 has said that they are actively looking for documentaries in their ROCK DOC block.  They arelooking for "intimate stories," "iconic characters" (namely 60s and 70s icons), and intelligent documentaries that aren't afraid to take chances.  Thing "big stories" told through a "small narrative," too.

In addition, they're looking to expand beyond just Celebreality.  THE PICK-UP ARTIST was a fairly big success for the network and they're looking for the next version of that.


Programming that falls into their CelebReality/reality/music categories.  EVERYBODY HATES CHRIS, BEAUTY AND THE GEEK, and AMERICA'S NEXT TOP MODEL continue to bring in solid numbers.  VH1 is also running movies (in January it was Ferris Bueller's Day Off.)


The best and most successful way to get in is still through an agent, production company or reputable source that has or still works with Vh1.

There is no e-mail submission process.


With the upcoming resurrection of the 11-year old BEHIND THE MUSIC, featuring a documentary on the return of the New Kids on the Block, Vh1 is indicating that a return to their roots may be upcoming.  According to EVP of Programming, Jeff Olde, in an interview with Multichannel News, if the special "is successful the network may consider offering other BEHIND THE MUSIC specials in the future." (Multichannel News)

This combination of the old and the new - old series/old boy band meets refreshed look and comeback tour, is just in line with the new kind of programming Vh1 is looking to offer.  It's the next step in Celebreality - not so much a laugh-out-loud look at what's become of our favorite C-listers, but a celebration of the idols of our childhood, and a smile at good memories brought to light again.

Vh1 wants to be known as more than fluffy series and train-wreck celebrity series (although both tend to rate extremely well.)  In the coming months, the network is looking to expand upon their brand to bring unique documentaries and interesting series to air.

Vh1 is looking specifically for one-off specials that could fall into their ROCK DOCS series.  They're looking for projects that are able to tell stories in a new way and introduce figures present in the past who have had a dramatic impact on the state of art and music today.

Specifically, Vh1 wants to expose icons of the 60s and 70s to today's current audience.  Big stories, told through intimate looks at events, moments, or unique individuals, would fit well for the series.


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