WE TV Strategic Opportunities - November 2008



WE has many originals on air, including some with some real mojo (SECRET LIVES OF WOMEN, BRIDEZILLAS, JOHN EDWARDS CROSS COUNTRY), but is always looking for the "next" signature show to breaking through the clutter in a crowded cable environment.  They are looking to differentiate themselves from the older, trying to become younger skewing Lifetime, and the bawdy brand of Oxygen.


Reality, reality, reality...programming.


They look at everything.  They look for shows that attract a reach and are appealing.  They look at shows that could be potentially used as launch pads for originals that have a broad demographic.


The network does not accept unsolicited materials.  All submissions must be submitted through an attorney, production company or agent.  There is no e-mail submission process.


WE has had its most successful year in terms of their strategy on focusing on original programming.  Including signature series BRIDEZILLAS, to original reality HIGH SCHOOL CONFIDENTIAL.  These series, and many more have resonated with their audiences and made an emotional connection with their female demographics.

The Rainbow Media-owned network plans to start making original movies, with an eye toward releasing the first title late next year.  Steve Cheskin SVP Prgramming indicated that "We should be out there in the game making films for television,"   With the network up 44% in total viewers this year and a couple of nights of theatricals still performing well on the schedule, the executive team is ready to enter what it sees as the next logical stage in WE tv's evolution: producing the channel's own long-form titles.

Part of that branding is finding movies that can be cross-promoted with the network's reality fare. A well-promoted original movie that involves a wedding, for example, could help bring new viewers to "Platinum Weddings" or "Wedding Central."  A budget for the endeavor was not disclosed, though Cheskin suggested that the funding was additive rather than pulled from the existing budget.

WE continues with programs catering to the wedding genre is adding three new series to its more immediate line-up.In addition, WE has been an active player in the purchases off-network acquisitions - just recently acquiring CBS' Ghost Whisperer and CW's Girlfriends.

WE viewers can be characterized as "I Do-ers", a segment that includes women who respond to the trappings of matrimony, have an interest in wedding-themed shows and report that they are inthe midst opf a lifestyle transition.  Weddings are a 'life passion' for women, and they respond to them in the same way that men associate with sports, as quoted by Kim Martin, exec vp and gm of WE.  WE is expanding its bridal line-up with a fifth season of BRIDEZILLAS and a third orderof PLATINUM WEDDINGS, in addition to another new six-part series called AMAZING WEDDING CAKES.  There's no slowing down on the bridal front for WE!!

Please click the following link for the WEtv Development Fact Sheet.  This fact sheet, directly from the network itself and exclusive shared with CableU Subscribers, outlines not only WE's development process, but their latest network needs, core genres, key buzzwords, and much more.



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