2016 SCTE Excellence in Learning and Development Award


With their online e-Learning platform, the institute has been proven to reduce training hours and increase performance of broadband field technicians through their business partnerships.  Most recently, they have released a new “soft skills” course for field technicians called Customer Satisfaction to help improve NPS (Net Promoter Score) performance; a known cable industry problem.

Franklin states that contract labor retention has always been a problem for the industry and he wanted to build an affordable solution. His coursework was designed to be a “springboard” for adult learners into the cable industry. Installers and Technicians will learn quickly the necessary skills to become more productive and confident in their daily work.  

Their online platform which is mobile friendly uses cognitive adult learning techniques, video tutorials, instructor-led whiteboard examples, selectable audio narration and zoom-able graphics to explain and illustrate the course material. Students’ progress through the content at their own pace and the knowledge is reinforced with quizzes at the end of each lesson. At the completion of each course, a SCORM-compliant final exam is given which validates the knowledge retention of each student.