420TV to Produce Original Series Featuring Hollywood's Queen of Cannabis: Expert, Pioneer & Advocate, Dr. Dina


420TV, the premium cannabis news, entertainment and lifestyle channel set to launch in early 2018, has announced a new original production featuring cannabis icon Dr. Dina, crowned the “Queen of Medical Marijuana in LA” by Rolling Stone Magazine and “Pot Doc to the Stars” by Variety and Billboard. Dr. Dina is not a real doctor, but received her nickname from Snoop Dogg for opening LA’s first medical cannabis doctor’s office in 2003, and subsequently running LA’s oldest dispensary, keeping Snoop and countless Hollywood celebs legal ever since.

Shot entirely in 4K, “Top Shelf with Dr. Dina” will take viewers on the ultimate cannabis road trip, touring grows and dispensaries across America that claim to offer the nation’s best marijuana. In each of the series’ 10 episodes, Dr. Dina will go from farm to dispensary, visiting growers, cannabis entrepreneurs, and dispensary tastemakers, candidly assessing their offerings and comparing cannabis cultures in the different regions.

“I’m thrilled to work with this exciting new network on a series that’s not only custom tailored to my expertise, but is sure to be fun and educational,” said Dr. Dina. “During my time in the industry, I’ve just about seen it all,” she continued, “but don’t worry. I’m sure there will be many surprises as we explore the best America has to offer.”

“With 420TV, we’re developing a cannabis news, entertainment and lifestyle channel with programming that appeals to the converted and the curious,” added Doug Lee, the new channel’s General Manager. “‘Top Shelf with Dr. Dina’ will deliver on both levels, providing enthusiasts with intel from around the country while giving the uninitiated a fascinating look into the farm-to-dispensary process and its benefits, whether recreational or medicinal – all from the fantastic perspective of a true cannabis luminary. Dr. Dina is the real deal in this industry. We’re very happy to have her.”

In addition to being one of the industry’s most powerful advocates for cannabis legalization, Dr. Dina has been dubbed a pop-culture muse by Variety for inspiring the Nancy Botwin character on the show “Weeds,” and most recently, for her work as the Cannabis Consultant for Netflix’ show “Disjointed” (starring Kathy Bates). For the launch of “Disjointed,” Dr. Dina teamed up with Netflix for a promotional pop-up, transforming her dispensary in West Hollywood into Ruth’s Alternative Caring, which featured 12 Netflix-branded strains of cannabis. The event was reported around the world and became one of the most mainstream and ground-breaking cannabis collaborations in history.

Among her many professional accomplishments, Dr. Dina helped the city of West Hollywood launch a compassion program that provided free medical marijuana to the city's sick and needy, and in 2015 created FreedomGrow.org which has raised thousands of dollars for people serving time in prison for non-violent victimless marijuana crimes.

“Top Shelf with Dr. Dina” is being produced for 420TV by Bounty Content.

While 420TV will launch on 420TV.com and its mobile applications, it will quickly expand to other devices and through OWNZONES’ worldwide multi-platform distribution network. OWNZONES is a VOD platform with streaming video powered by OWNZONES Media Network, which produces and distributes content through its worldwide networks. Its distribution partners include Comcast, Amazon, Roku and Apple TV, among others.