AB Groupe selects Ericsson for France’s first ultra high definition TV channel 

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Ericsson (NASDAQ: ERIC) today announced it has signed an exclusive multi-year broadcast and media services contract with AB Groupe, the leading independent provider of thematic channels in France. 

Ericsson will provide playout services for AB Groupe’s Ultra Nature TV channel, the first ultra HD TV channel to launch in France. The 24 hour channel, which is dedicated to wildlife, discovery, travel and extreme sports programming, is a part of AB Groupe’s portfolio of 16 thematic channels and digital services. 

Lionel Berthelot and Laurent Gaudinaud, Technical Directors at AB Groupe, said: “For France's first 4K UHDTV channel, we have chosen the very best technical solutions available. We are delighted with the agreement and we have every confidence in the managed services expertise of Ericsson’s Broadcast and Media Services team.” 

Thorsten Sauer, Head of Broadcast and Media Services, Ericsson, says: “We are proud to be selected by AB Groupe to help launch the first ultra HD TV channel in France. Our highly skilled teams and global experience managing complex playout operations make us the partner of choice for many broadcasters the world over. This contract win is the first milestone in what we believe will be a long and positive future with AB Groupe and we look forward to building on this relationship in the years to come.”

Last June, Ericsson was selected by BT Sport to help design, build and launch BT Sport UHD, Europe’s first ultra-high-definition channel. 

Ericsson is one of the leading global providers of broadcast and media services, and has worked with some of the world’s most well-known broadcasters, platforms and content producers, including BBC, Channel 4, Channel 5, BT Sport, ITV, FOX, DreamWorks, Liberty Global, NPO, Canal+, NOS, Bonnier Group, Sky, HBO, TV5 Monde and France 24.

Every year, Ericsson Broadcast and Media Services distributes more than 2.7 million hours of programming in more than 90 languages for more than 500 TV channels worldwide. Ericsson’s global content discovery portfolio spans more than 10 million movies and program titles covering over 35 languages. Globally more than 200 million people interact with Ericsson’s rich metadata each week. In addition, Ericsson provides over 230,000 hours of subtitling each year – more than 100,000 hours of which is live. 

About AB Groupe 
AB Groupe is the leading independent editor of thematic channels in France with an offering of 16 thematic channels and digital services to Pay-TV platforms. AB Groupe also produces fiction, magazine and documentary programming and owns one the largest French-speaking program libraries, which it distributes in France and internationally.

AB Groupe's library comprises 15,000 hours of TV programming and includes series (Netlflix’s “Lilyhammer”, “Friends”, “True Blood”, AMC hit series “Hell on Wheels”, Canal+ “Spiral”...), iconic cartoons (Peanuts, Dragon Ball, UFO Robot Grendizer), television movies, feature films (175 titles of the Paramount movie library like “Mission Impossible”, “Forrest Gump” , "Once upon a time in the west" or “The Godfather” trilogy) and documentaries.