Archion Technologies, A Trusted Provider of Media Storage Solutions for Higher Education, Expands Gallaudet University's Workflow Capabilities with EditStor Omni


Los Angeles, CA, November 1, 2016 – Archion Technologies, a leader in intelligent, ultra high performance storage solutions for media workflows, has announced that the renowned Gallaudet University media department has, since 2007, enjoyed a highly successful and long term relationship with Archion, further establishing Archion as one of the country’s leading providers of shared storage solutions for institutions of higher education, including such other prominent universities as Stanford and the University of Southern Carolina.

For more than 150 years, Gallaudet University has led advances in the education of deaf and hard-of-hearing students and deaf rights worldwide. Today, students from across the United States and more than 25 countries attend Gallaudet, "the world's only liberal arts college for the deaf," also acclaimed for its research in visual learning, technology, neuroscience and more.  

Gallaudet University’s Video Services is tasked with serving as the sole provider of video production for materials developed by that school for scholarly dissemination, research, community outreach and university marketing purposes. These video projects, produced on behalf of the entire university, are created to be shown to the public via cablecast, broadcast, and/or on the web. To view various programs and media events produced by Video Services for Gallaudet University, please visit:

Patrick Harris, Operations Manager, Video Services/University Communications, for Gallaudet University, explains that the school’s video acquisitions are either compressed or raw video - Canon DSLR, BMPCC, or Panasonic AF-100 - and that Gallaudet’s Video Services produces roughly 300-400 hours of finished programming and material every year. When Gallaudet’s Video Services team creates original content, that programming and those projects range in running time lengths of anywhere from 30-second spots and PSAs, to longer, full-length documentaries and presentations. Many of these programs are shown during special events and scholarly lectures.  

“Archion has played a significant role within our production workflow ever since our storage was expanded with an Archion Synergy way back in 2007 – and that Synergy has continued to serve us as the workhorse product we have come to expect from Archion,” says Harris. He goes on to explain, “Gallaudet University’s Video Services had been using an Avid Unity for many, many years, but when it began aging, it had really become a bottleneck for our production pipeline, so we replaced it with an Archion Omni in 2015.”

He continues, “Since we acquired our Omni, the product has increased our storage capacity two-fold, while also allowing a larger pipeline to our four online edit suites (Avid/Adobe), and to our offline editing and graphics seats, all with the added ability of a substantial 4K pipeline for future UHD projects and Avid project-sharing.”   

Harris further explains that his Video Services team added the Archion Collaborate server as a local sync point for Adobe Creative Cloud, allowing their assets on the Archion Omni to be securely shared via Creative Cloud for all of their Premiere and After Effects projects.

“Over the years, we have come to rely on Archion’s proven technology products and terrific technical support. Archion allows us to be confident in our ability to deliver all of our necessary video materials and presentations in an efficient and timely manner,” Harris concludes.

Reuben Lima, Founder and CEO for Archion, said, “We are privileged to have enjoyed a trusted relationship with the prestigious Gallaudet University since 2007. The fact that this truly unique school is currently marking its 150th year anniversary milestone is a testament to the fact that it is without question the leading school for hearing impaired students in the world.”

Adds Dan Stern, VP of Business Development for Archion, “Patrick and his team at Gallaudet University’s Video Services department take upgrading their technology systems very seriously. They have recognized Archion’s ability to broadly serve their collaborative storage requirements. And with the operating success of their new Omni, Patrick and his colleagues have ensured their storage needs will be taken care of for many years to come.” 


Situated in Northeast Washington, D.C., Gallaudet University is "the world's only liberal arts college for the deaf," where students are taught primarily through American Sign Language. Initially called the Columbia Institute for the Instruction of the Deaf, Dumb, and Blind, the school was founded by Amos Kendall (1789–1869) as the city's school for the deaf in 1857.

Kendall, who served as postmaster general under Presidents Andrew Jackson and Martin Van Buren, established the school on his Northeast Washington estate, Kendall Green. It was later renamed for the noted nineteenth-century educator and reformer Thomas Hopkins Gallaudet (1787–1851).

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Based in Los Angeles, CA, Archion Technologies is a global leader in intelligent, high performance shared storage solutions for media workflows, with an emphasis on 4K video storage specifically designed for the editorial, graphics, and other media workflows commonly used where creative storage systems are required for the broadcast, production, corporate, education, government, house of worship, and sports industries.  

Founded by a team of post production, technology, and entertainment industry professionals in 1998, Archion has defined a new standard of performance, protection and affordability for shared storage solutions. Since its founding, the company’s storage technologies have been critical to the success of thousands of TV, film, commercial, documentary, and other content creation projects.

Archion’s storage systems are most often used by professionals integrating Avid, Apple, Adobe, Autodesk, Blackmagic Resolve, NewTek and other creative workflow tools. For more information, please visit:

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