Bravo Flips the Script with Limited Series 'In A Man's World'

Premiering Tuesday, Oct. 1
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NEW YORK, NY –– Bravo takes a deep dive into gender bias with a bold social experiment in the new limited event series, “In A Man’s World” premiering Tuesday, Oct. 1 at 10 pm ET/PT.

From Viola Davis and husband Julius Tennon’s JuVee Productions and Lucky 8, the eye-opening series follows four dynamic women who embark on the journey of a lifetime as they transform into men to experience life from the opposite side. With the help of Academy Award-winning Special Effects make-up team, Lou and Dave Elsey, and skilled voice and movement coaches, each woman develops her own alter ego and spends two days living in a man’s world. 

After their frustration at being disregarded because of their gender, the women are looking to flip the script and experience a day without bias from the very same people who held them back in the past. 

From a professional pool player in a male-dominated sport, to an aspiring politician looking to understand her recent city council election loss, these women seek to be judged by their talent rather than their gender and achieve the ultimate revenge when they expose their true identity. 

Leading up to the reveal of their ultimate disguise as a male, each individual is coached by experts for weeks learning how to adapt their movement and speech. They are then tasked with venturing out into the real world to test this training by going about their normal routines in both professional settings and facing their closest friends and family members. Documenting their inspiring journeys, the women learn a lot about themselves and inspire change in others as they seek to discover how wide the gender gap really is. 



Tuesday, October 1 at 10PM ET/PT

Emily is a professional pool player who’s dominated in major tournaments around the world, but despite her high ranking and success, she has endured harassment from male players who have belittled her talent due to her looks and style.


Tuesday, October 8 at 10PM ET/PT

An aspiring politician and mother, Le’Dor wanted nothing more than a seat on her local City Council, but voters were more concerned about her responsibilities as a mother rather than her qualifications for the job. She’s convinced the mom bias in politics ultimately cost her the election.


Tuesday, October 15 at 10PM ET/PT

Sabrina is a dynamic, animated woman who has always loved inspiring other people. When she turned to preaching, she instantly knew she had found her calling. But the path hasn’t always been an easy one as she watches her male counterparts excel while she struggles to make a living. Paid less and not hired as frequently, Sabrina knows her career has suffered because men are viewed as “closer to God.”


Tuesday, October 22 at 10PM ET/PT

Growing up in a conventional, Indian-American family, Shital set no limit for herself to achieve her career aspirations much to her parents’ dismay as they worry about her lack of focus on getting married and starting a family.

“In A Man’s World” is produced by Lucky 8 with Kim Woodard, Greg Henry, Isaac Holub, George Kralovansky, Kate Bernstein and Danielle Medina serving as executive producers; and JuVee Productions with Viola Davis, Julius Tennon and Andrew Wang serving as executive producers.