Calix Completes Integration Testing of the AXOS Platform with OpenDaylight in Days, Accelerating Adoption by Global SDN Controller Ecosystem


PETALUMA, Calif. -- Calix, Inc. (NYSE:CALX), the world leader in Subscriber Driven Intelligent Access, announced that its AXOS platform has been successfully integrated with OpenDaylight (ODL) release Carbon, a market leading open-source platform used in SDN controllers. Thanks to the native NETCONF/YANG interfaces on both ODL and AXOS, the integration was accomplished in days rather than 3 to 9 months via traditional methods depending on the level of abstraction. With this testing complete, the AXOS platform can be easily and quickly integrated into service providers’ SDN controllers. This capability will provide a significant time-to-market advantage when providers deploy new back-office technologies.

"Service providers are recognizing the unique value that the world’s only Software Defined Access platform, AXOS, can bring to their businesses, especially when it comes to accelerating their time-to-market,” said Shane Eleniak, Calix vice president of systems products. “Instead of investing in proprietary SDN orchestrators to connect a vendor’s legacy complex systems into SDN, we built AXOS to connect natively with open source frameworks like OpenDaylight. This approach dramatically reduces the operational complexity that comes with having these legacy systems tightly coupled to proprietary SDN orchestrators and controllers, which are essentially just middleware."

Built from the ground up to natively integrate with SDN systems, each AXOS component features a YANG data model for direct programmability. This approach eliminates the need for translation middleware or the use of a translator within the legacy systems. AXOS is unique in the access market, and it is complemented by the AXOS Sandbox, a virtualized environment that radically accelerates testing and deployment.

“When I speak with service providers they consistently say their top business constraint is IT integration. On average, it takes 18-24 months and costs millions of dollars to deploy a new service. We have invested significant resources in building the AXOS platform over the last five years to eliminate this business constraint,” said Michael Weening, executive vice president of global sales at Calix. “We introduce another AXOS innovation now almost weekly. Today, we are demonstrating how easy it is to integrate AXOS into ODL and just last week we launched lawful intercept within AXOS. Every day service providers around the world are learning how AXOS can collapse four network elements – BNG, routing, aggregation, and access – onto a single, natively SDN software platform. AXOS-based networks are designed to yield massive operational savings, speed up IT, enable automation and allow service providers to reverse the trend of data growth compressing margins. For those ready to experience AXOS today, it is available to download through AXOS Sandbox.”

To learn more about the AXOS platform and how service providers of all sizes are deploying AXOS to transform their business models, please attend Calix ConneXions, October 28 – 31 in Las Vegas.

About Calix

Calix, Inc. (NYSE:CALX) pioneered Software Defined Access and cloud products focused on access networks and the subscriber. Its portfolio of Intelligent Access systems and software combines AXOS, the revolutionary platform for access, with Calix Cloud, innovative cloud products for network data analytics and subscriber experience assurance. Together, they enable communications service providers to transform their businesses and be the winning service providers of tomorrow. For more information, visit the Calix website at