China Telecom and Huawei Partner to Transform Shenzhen into a "Gigaband City"


[Shenzhen, China, August 4th, 2016] China Telecom Corporation Limited (Shenzhen) and Huawei today signed a Cooperation Framework Agreement (CFA) to deliver gigabit connectivity to homes and
communities in Shenzhen. The CFA aims to transform Shenzhen into a "Gigaband City" delivering 1,000Mb/s connections with all-optical networks to drive economic and social development, and
ultimately create a benchmark “Smart City”.

Rapid urbanization and population growth are placing extraordinary pressure on public transportation, healthcare systems, waste management systems, and the power grid. More cities are moving towards
becoming smart cities to keep pace with citizen expectations for high quality services and efficient systems while ensuring safety and sustainability for the future. Smart cities will deliver ubiquitous HD
surveillance, large-capacity distributed cloud data centers, real-time HD TeleMedicine, and online education. However, these advanced applications require high speed connectivity made possible by
Gigaband network capacity.

Shenzhen is the first city in China to propose a "Gigaband City" using large scale deployment of Next- Generation Optical Line Terminals (NG OLTs) and Next-Generation Passive Optical Networks (NG PONs) to deliver 100% Gigabit coverage for communities and Gigabit access to 900,000 homes. Under the CFA, China Telecom (Shenzhen) will cooperate with Huawei on the deployment of this comprehensive Gigaband network over the next five years.

The Gigaband network will offer residential users faster network speeds, lower latency, and a better service experience for new Internet applications such as 4K video and Virtual Reality (VR) films and TV
programs. It will also provide governments and enterprises with one-stop service solutions, such as Passive Optical LANs (POL), Gigaband hotels, and "Optical + Cloud" applications. Based on the
development of these services, China Telecom (Shenzhen) and Huawei will jointly define standards for a Gigaband City, providing guidance and reference in this emerging area.

"China Telecom (Shenzhen) is dedicated to accelerating Shenzhen's broadband network capabilities and together with Huawei we aim to rapidly transform into an ultrafast landscape. This will enable Shenzhen to keep pace with consumer demand for new Internet applications such as ultra-broadband (UBB) video, VR and AR, Gigaband campus, and smart homes. We believe a Gigaband city will also foster digital economy innovation in Shenzhen and establish Shenzhen as an oasis for inventors," said Li Pengfei, General Manager of China Telecom (Shenzhen).

Zeng Xingyun, Vice President of Huawei's Fixed Network Product Line, said, "The growing demand for 4K video, VR, smart homes, Internet of Things (IoT), and cloud services is driving the emergence of a new Gigaband era. Huawei's dedication to ICT innovation is enabling industry-leading Gigaband all-optical solutions, such as large-capacity OLTs, NG PONs, and AgilePOL, that will power connectivity for Shenzhen consumers and enterprises. By collaborating with China Telecom (Shenzhen) to transform Shenzhen into  a Smart City, we will help Shenzhen become an enabler of infinite innovation, and a society embracing new applications, business models and industries."

Global broadband networks are rapidly moving from 100 Mb/s to 1,000 Mb/s and China is leading the world in all-optical network deployment. China Telecom (Shenzhen) and Huawei will be the first to
deploy Gigaband all-optical networks on such a large scale, helping Shenzhen drive competitiveness in the new global digital economy.

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