CuriosityStream Debuts Exclusive Preview of Event Nearly a Century in The Making: "Eclipse Across America"


SILVER SPRING, Md., July 13, 2017 -- On August 21st, as the Earth, Moon and Sun align in dramatic fashion, a total solar eclipse will blaze a brilliant path across the entire continental U.S. – for the first time in nearly a century. Join CuriosityStream for an exclusive advance look at this spectacular event, with today's premiere of the Eclipse Across America series.

This original 4-part documentary follows an international group of scientists, adventurers and eclipse chasers as they prepare to experience the thrilling Eclipse Across America. The cross-country journey reveals secret viewing spots, and through cutting edge special effects animations, simulates the eclipse at points along the way, while explaining the astronomy and physics that drive these celestial events. The series also explores the high-tech experiments ready to capture the eclipse like never before, with results that could rewrite our understanding of the cosmos.

Each episode of Eclipse Across America features the inside perspectives of NASA scientists, astronomers, local historians and life-long eclipse chasers, including Mark Bender, who directed the series.

"This eclipse will truly be an epic event that you definitely don't want to miss," Bender said. "There will be countless filmmakers ready to capture footage of the event as it happens, but this series on CuriosityStream will set you up perfectly ahead of time, before the eclipse, so you don't miss a chance to be part of this incredible opportunity."

"This series is the epitome of what CuriosityStream is all about -- making science and history relatable for everyone. We can all appreciate and participate in the profound beauty, wonder and legacy of our Universe," said Elizabeth Hendricks North, President & CEO of CuriosityStream. "We're extremely proud to bring viewers this exclusive look at what to expect on August 21st. The hope is that no one misses out on an upcoming historic and unforgettable moment."

All four episodes are available now, exclusively on, including:

"Coast to Coast, Part 1": Travel in the path of totality from the Oregon Coast to the banks of the Mississippi River, and learn how small towns to big cities are getting ready for the thrilling event, welcoming millions of visitors who want to witness
the Sun's shimmering corona.

"Coast to Coast, Part 2": The electrifying journey continues from St. Louis' Gateway Arch to the Atlantic coast of South Carolina, where the path of totality leaves the continental U.S. Hear from one of NASA's top data scientists on how the strange geometry of the Moon's shadow is helping to pinpoint the exact path and what viewers can expect to see.

"Eclipse Planet": Earth is home to the grandest eclipses in our solar system, and the only planet with a view of the Sun's mysterious corona. Learn the science of how and why eclipses occur, and how past eclipses have even helped prove Einstein's General Theory of Relativity – leading to the discovery of new solar systems.

"Witnessing the Eclipse": Millions of cameras will be rolling on August 21st, as astronomers, eclipse chasers and the general public will set up nationwide to witness and film the eclipse. Capturing the stunning celestial show will take a combination of technology, experience and a healthy dose of luck. Watch the incredible lengths scientists and others will go to record the event and the potential discoveries they hope to find on eclipse day.

Eclipse Across America is produced in conjunction with Eclipse Across America, Inc., co-founded by Bender and Elizabeth Buckley. The entire original series is available to watch now by starting a free trial at

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