CuriosityStream Jumps Aboard the Woodstock Bus

Story of the epic search for and restoration of "Light," the iconic Volkswagen bus of Woodstock, arrives Summer 2019 in honor of the 50th Anniversary
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(Silver Spring, Md.)—– the award-winning streaming and on-demand destination from Discovery Channel founder John Hendricks – announces the start of production on THE WOODSTOCK BUS, the story about an icon of the most famous rock concert in history. Produced for CuriosityStream by Arcadia Content, the documentary follows an ambitious search for and restoration of the psychedelic VW bus called "Light" that became a global symbol of the Woodstock era. THE WOODSTOCK BUS makes its world premiere on CuriosityStream this summer ahead of Woodstock's 50anniversary.

In THE WOODSTOCK BUS, unlikely friends team-up and join forces on an epic quest to help artist Robert "Dr. Bob" Hieronimus find and resurrect his greatest work, the iconic Volkswagen bus known as the Woodstock LIGHT Bus. It’s legendary and perhaps the most valuable piece of American automotive art ever. And it’s lost. The CuriosityStream special chronicles a race across America's highways, back roads and junkyards to solve the 50-year old mystery, restore and repaint the bus, and take it back to Woodstock. Traveling from #VanLife subculture to the high-stakes world of classic automobile investing, it's a mission to get the lost symbol of a generation back on the road and into the Light.

“We’re working to bring the Woodstock story to life, searching for a symbol-covered bus, that's symbolic of an event, that's symbolic of an era... and a generation,” said executive producer John Wesley Chisholm. “It’s the search and the journey, that reveals something of the Woodstock feeling. The bus brings joy and smiles to people’s faces. Whatever your dream is, wherever you want to go, the bus will take you there. It’s a symbol of our enduring hope for a better future.”

THE WOODSTOCK BUS is produced by Arcadia Content for CuriosityStream. For Arcadia Content, the executive producer is John Wesley Chisholm. For CuriosityStream, Steve Burns is chief content officer and Rob Burk is executive producer.