DULLES, VA – FourthWall Media®, a leading provider of cable platform technology and the largest independent source of set-top box viewing data, announced today that the U.S. Patent office has allowed a patent for its System and Methods for User Event Data Reduction. This patented technology allows for the efficient transmission of large volumes of user event data, such as television viewing and DVR activity. Deployed with cable and other broadband system operators, FourthWall’s technology makes the collection of user event data from every set-top box in a market possible.

“This new patent allows for the efficient collection and retrieval of user event data from any broadband device, be it a set-top box, game console, or smart phone,” said Dr. Louis Slothouber, chief scientist and co-founder of FourthWall Media. “What makes this technology unique is that event data is compressed into a small memory buffer in the broadband device in real time. These buffers are periodically uploaded to the collection end-point in the headend when bandwidth is available. We accommodate potentially huge volumes of data in resource- constrained situations, thus optimizing the use of bandwidth overall. This new patent dovetails perfectly with a prior patent granted last year. Together the two patents provide intellectual property for a complete end-to-end user event data collection solution across many consumer devices.”

“More and more cable operators are benefitting from our proven data collection and processing technologies,” said Tim Peters, FourthWall CEO. “Analytics built on census-level viewer data are critical to optimized ad placement and measurement. As television adopts programmatic advertising platforms, the availability of granular, precise viewer data will be a key driver.”

This is the eleventh patent granted to FourthWall Media by the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office, with an additional five patents pending. The company has also routinely filed its patent portfolio internationally and fifteen international patents have been granted to date.

About FourthWall Media, Inc.

FourthWall Media®delivers census-level viewing data, reports, analytics, and advanced advertising to television stakeholders who need to target the right audience with the right message. FourthWall’s TVPanel™ is the largest independent source of second-by-second cable viewing and diagnostics data that enables actionable messaging, measurement, and analytics for operators, programmers, agencies, advertisers, researchers, and analytics firms. Unlike traditional measurement companies, FourthWall Media works closely with cable operators by providing embedded device-level expertise and technology that allows the collection and processing of ultra-precise TV viewing data. FourthWall Media is headquartered in Dulles, VA and can be found online at