Dude Perfect Becomes Whistle Sports’ First `Brand Ambassador'


Whistle Sports, the global sports community for today’s fans, and Dude Perfect, the world’s top digital sports entertainers, announced an expanded multi-year partnership that makes the Dudes the network’s first ever “Brand Ambassadors.” The comprehensive agreement brings even more viral, entertaining Dude Perfect content into the network and expands Whistle Sports’ leading role as the network of choice in creating and delivering sponsorships, brand integrations, advertisements, co-promotions and commercial tie-ins with the Dudes.

“We are thrilled to announce our continued partnership with Dude Perfect, and we are especially proud that they will serve as our foundational Brand Ambassadors. We felt from our launch that they were uniquely authentic entertainers, and there was tremendous value in being tightly aligned in each other’s success. As cross-equity owners, we’re truly invested in each other’s growth, and their success over the past few years has been unparalleled. We look forward to expanding our partnership with these five awesome Dudes and their Panda mascot as we build out the Whistle Sports brand and content offerings” said John West, CEO of Whistle Sports, which launched on January 1, 2014 with two million subscribers on YouTube and has since grown to over 140 million subscribers, fans and followers across multiple platforms.

From the partnership, fans can expect that Dude Perfect will create an original content series hosted by Whistle Sports, as well as shoot additional videos throughout the year, such as their Dizzy Sports Battle 2 with Paul Rudd and their Lacrosse Trick Shots video with Whistle Sports creator Paul Rabil, both which engaged tens of millions of fans on multiple platforms and delivered substantial engagement across the Whistle community.

“We were proud to be part of Whistle Sports’ launch and have enjoyed the tremendous brand partnerships and content opportunities this relationship has delivered. Our new agreement deepens and expands that relationship and means years of amazing content and commercial partnerships to come,” said Dude Perfect.

In addition to the original video content, fans and followers can expect Dude Perfect to periodically take over the Whistle Sports’ social media channels, represent the company at industry events and team up in charity efforts.

“Dude Perfect was one of earliest Whistle Sports creators and they, along with our company, have grown exponentially over the last couple years. This brand ambassadorship is the exciting next step in our relationship and we look forward to having Dude Perfect continue to innovate and produce great content” said Whistle Sports President and co-Founder Jeff Urban.