Edgeware to Showcase the Future of IP Video Delivery Systems at IBC


Edgeware (stand 14.B20), the leader in video delivery networks, will feature its latest product enhancements and demos that are shaping the future of video delivery at IBC 2015. The company will showcase how its Video Consolidation Platform (VCP) can deliver next-generation video services, create new monetization opportunities, and offer enhanced customized analytics. For broadcasters, the VCP opens new possibilities to stay relevant, take back control and release untapped revenue resources. Key highlights will include:

The right approach to long-term video delivery success: Edgeware’s Video Consolidation Platform (VCP) is one consolidated and highly scalable platform that dramatically reduces the high infrastructure costs associated with next generation video services. It eliminates the need to manage duplicate networks to deliver to traditional devices (STBs) and newer IP multiscreen devices.

  •   At IBC, Edgeware will announce the latest enhancements to its software-defined, hardware-accelerated approach that uniquely provides the ability to massively scale a service with guaranteed delivery quality, including the most bandwidth intensive services such as 4K Ultra HD (UHD) cloud DVR.

The solution that enables more control to broadcasters: With new video consuming habits and growing competition, today’s broadcasters are struggling to stay relevant and strengthen their value proposition. Edgeware’s VCP enables broadcasters to take back control by taking back the origin. 

  •   At IBC, the company will discuss how broadcasters can gain full control of content delivery and guarantee quality and performance at the point of delivery to CDN. In addition, the VCP enables unique capabilities to serve directly from the origin. This opens up new exciting monetization opportunities for content archives and niche services.

Launch of enhanced 360o analytics control and management tool: With the increased number of devices and new video services being provided, measuring the TV service performance is far from simple. Edgeware’s Convoy Management Software enables broadcasters and service providers to monitor, analyze and understand all aspects of the TV service, from the quality of the network, through user experience to content popularity.

  •   At IBC, the company will launch new and enhanced analytics features of the Convoy 360o analytics software that deliver relevant, powerful, real-time intelligence. The new enhancements enable easy-to-access, holistic view into the network’s performance.

Ultra-low Latency Over-the-top (OTT) Distribution of Live Sports: As more customers watch live sports on mobile devices, operators struggle with the latency issue. The Edgeware VCP has built-in, ultra-low latency repackaging of live transcodes for delivery to mobile devices with millisecond latency from the live point.

  •   At IBC, the company will show how its VCP performs packaging and encryption in a fraction of the time of the nearest competitor

Continued success as world’s largest provider of Cloud DVR: With 30+ operators and 10 million subscribers using Edgeware for their cloud DVR servicesthe company has a strong track record of fully supporting cloud DVR, arming the industry with the versatility to quickly add new and attractive services on the fly.

  •   At IBC, the company will announce the latest milestones, and discuss success stories from customers that have deployed Edgeware’s VCP to meet customer’s demands.