Emmy Award-Winners Team Up to Announce "Corrupted Justice" Documentary Feature


WASHINGTON, July 8, 2015 /PRNewswire-USNewswire/ -- Emmy Award Winners Ed Asner and Leslie Dutton of the Full Disclosure Network present the documentary feature, "Corrupted Justice," the incredible true story of corruption plaguing the California judiciary. The documentary details the illegal "double benefits" to California judges, who took hundreds of millions of taxpayer dollars while public employee benefits remained unfunded, state employees were furloughed and workers compensation benefits were slashed. Watch the 3 minute movie trailer here: http://www.corruptedjustice.com

Former California Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger unwittingly becomes a focal point in the documentary for his role in facilitating secret legislation in a Special Budget Session, where he approved retroactive criminal immunity from prosecution for all California judges and elected officials who were involved in taking and giving illegal payments. The film further illustrates the judges' disdain of court rulings, public opinion and judicial ethics, related to the illegal payments, amidst the backdrop of public outrage over public pension defaults nationwide.

Featured in the documentary are elected officials who along with Governor Schwarzenegger have kept the public from learning about the "double benefits" that unfairly benefited California judges. That includes former Senator Darrell Steinberg, former Attorney General Jerry Brown, and current Attorney General Kamala Harris. The "Corrupted Justice" Documentary reveals to taxpayers and the international community the innermost workings of the American Judiciary and governmental  process. Court insiders and prominent attorneys provide unprecedented insight on procedures normally shrouded in secrecy.  In a most glaring example of unconstitutional behavior, the film reveals the retaliation used against those who dare to challenge the judiciary.

Dutton has championed civil rights and fought against social injustices through her Emmy Award-winning media outlet, the 'Full Disclosure Network,' aptly known as "The News Behind The News." Dutton and famed actor Ed Asner, also a political activist, connect both sides of the political aisle, with a full team of women in film and television. Setting a new trend in the film industry, the production team behind "Corrupted Justice" is predominantly female, fearless females behind "Corrupted Justice" documentary to reach global audiences who will be the final judge in this shocking tale of waste and abuse, perpetrated under the color of law and funded by the American taxpayers to the tune of over $480 million and counting.

Contact:  Eric Tassill, Publicity, 310-822-4449 CorruptedJustice.com

SOURCE Full Disclosure Network

Web Site: http://www.corruptedjustice.com