FlatFrog Demonstrates 8K Interactive Multi-touch Video Wall at ISE Based on a Single 100" InGlass™ Touch Module


LUND, Sweden, February 10, 2015 -- FlatFrog announced today its latest achievement with the launch of the 8K ultra-high definition (UHD) multi-touch multi-user touchscreen video wall made of a single 100" touch module. It will be demonstrated at ISE 2015 in Amsterdam, NL.  

FlatFrog Laboratories AB, a leading provider of InGlass™ multi-touch screens, is demonstrating a 100" touchscreen module at ISE, 2015. The touch technology is bezel-free with perfect transparency suitable for UHD touch displays that cannot be matched by existing capacitive or IR touch solutions. This solution is part of the expanding 15-110" high resolution multi-touch touchscreen module supported by FlatFrog.

The increased size is suitable for super large interactive displays, curved displays and video wall tile matrix. Competing technologies attach a separate touch module to each LCD due to their inability to support large displays. However, the InGlassWall™ supports multiple tiled LCD displays with a single touch module allowing for even narrower bezel edges.

"Video wall makers can now create tiled LCDs with the narrowest bezel and the slimmest installation depth that cannot be matched by the current camera based video wall solutions," said Dhwani Vyas, CEO of FlatFrog. "It is now a new line of offering based on InGlass™ and shows the versatility of this technology."  

FlatFrog's unique InGlass™ touchscreens enable thin edge-to-edge design with perfect optical clarity. The superior clarity combined with edge-to-edge design is well suited for Interactive Video Walls, Digital Signage, Conferencing, Interactive Whiteboards, Education, Control Centers, Gaming and Hospitality Displays.

The new class of displays is customizable across the existing base of the 15-110" flat or curved panel touchscreen portfolio demonstrated at: http://www.flatfrog.com/video.

About FlatFrog

FlatFrog is revolutionizing the touch industry with its patented InGlass™ touchscreen technology. FlatFrog's products offer a perfect touch and viewing experience, supporting over 80 touches with more than 1,000 pressure detection in a flush, bezel-free design. It works with glove and passive stylus. It supports Windows 8, Android and Linux. InGlass™ touch is designed for mass production and integration into tablets, PCs and large interactive displays. FlatFrog Laboratories AB is based in Lund, Sweden. For more information, please visit http://www.flatfrog.com.

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