DULLES, VA and NEW YORK, NY – FourthWall Media®, the largest independent source of cable set-top box viewing data, and Collective, the ad tech leader and programmatic pioneer, today announce their newest partnership to expand Collective’s use of television viewing data across their digital marketing product portfolio. Under the new agreement, Collective is licensing FourthWall’s census-level set-top box data and TVMatch™ product.

“Combining FWM’s granular television data with the digital data, execution and analytics capabilities available in our VISTO™ platform allows us to further realize the vision of transparency, interoperability and accountability across all ad technology platforms,” said Kerry Bianchi, Chief Operating Officer at Collective. “Our advertising partners will benefit from our patented process for television to digital bridging and allow them to leverage these cross-platform services both through our VISTO™ enterprise ad hub as well as our Media ad network.”

Since 2013, Collective and FourthWall have worked together on audience segmentation services for tailoring digital advertising based on exposure to television commercials. Now, Collective has direct access to FourthWall’s TVMatch product, which FourthWall uses to identify customized television audience segments via an extensive list of demographic and purchase intent attributes that serve as targeting criteria. In addition, Collective is licensing FourthWall’s second-by-second set-top box data to power the VISTO enterprise advertising hub and Audience Engine digital advertising products.

“Census-level set-top box viewing data can inform digital advertising and allow marketers to reach their campaign goals more effectively,” said Bill Feininger, president, FourthWall Media. “Granular, second-by-second viewing data connected to online exposures and activities provides marketers with a 360 degree view of their buyers. We support Collective’s effort to turn cross-platform accountability into a reality.”

About FourthWall Media, Inc.

FourthWall Media® delivers census-level viewing data, reports, analytics, and advanced advertising to television stakeholders who need to target the right audience with the right message. FourthWall’s TVPanel™ is the largest independent source of second-by-second cable viewing and diagnostics data that enables actionable messaging, measurement, and analytics for operators, programmers, agencies, advertisers, researchers, and analytics firms. Unlike traditional measurement companies, FourthWall Media works closely with cable operators by providing embedded device-level expertise and technology that allows the collection and processing of ultra-precise TV viewing data. FourthWall Media is headquartered in Dulles, VA and can be found online at

About Collective

Collective empowers enterprises with data-driven technology and programmatic expertise to unify digital advertising across platforms, screens and formats. Through our VISTO enterprise-advertising hub or Audience Engine digital advertising network, Collective provides industry-leading transparency, interoperability and accountability across ad technology platforms. To learn more about Collective, visit