Fuse Announces October 5 Premiere for ‘Clash of the Corps’ Docu-Series


Fuse, a national television network for the fast-growing, Latino and multicultural 18-34 audience, announced that it will premiere the new 8-part half-hour docu-series Clash of the Corps on Wednesday, October 5 at 11 p.m. ET/PT.

Executive produced by Seven Bucks Productions’ Dwayne Johnson, Dany Garcia and Hiram Garcia along with 44 Blue Productions’ Rasha Drachkovitch, Clash of the Corps is a high octane docu-series set in the competitive world of Drum Corps International. The cadence is set as the series follows two all-star teams, the Cadets from Pennsylvania and the Blue Devils from Northern California, who for the last 20 years, have been battling it out for the championship.

Dwayne Johnson, co-founder of Seven Bucks Productions said in a release, "It's an extremely unique culture with very talented individuals and we're excited to partner with Fuse to share the passion and drive behind these kids who are battling it out to win it all.”

Dany Garcia, the company’s producing partner and co-founder added, “Many people don’t understand the rigorous training and commitment that goes into this sport. We can’t wait to capture and share this passion project.”

Rasha Drachkovitch, executive producer and co-founder & CEO of 44 Blue Productions said, “Never before have audiences been given an all-access pass to go behind the scenes of a drum corps. We’re looking forward to showcasing the young men and women who make up these highly competitive teams, while also bringing viewers along for the ups and downs of the entire season.”

Clash of the Corps will capture the blood, sweat and tears behind the scenes and on the road in the highly-competitive world of Drum Corps International. Since May, the production crew has been following and filming the two teams across the country as they embark on their journey to the world championships in Indianapolis, IN on August 13, 2016. The cameras are capturing what those in the stands rarely see: the sacrifices of competition, as well as the impact of relationships, the challenges of navigating a multitude of personalities, and the mentorship the team members experience year after year when choosing to compete and reach for success at the highest levels.