Fusion today announced that it will premiere five new mini-series on Snapchat this year, further expanding the network’s original content offering internationally on Snapchat Discover. Capitalizing on the success of its first season on Snapchat, Fusion will produce an eight-episode second season of “Outpost” for its Discover channel premiering April 22. “Outpost,” which was Fusion’s first original series to premiere on the rapidly growing social platform, is a docu-series that mixes adventure travel with investigative journalism -- taking viewers on a revealing exploration to hidden worlds that usually go unseen and overlooked.

“We understand that millennials consume content without borders and Snapchat Discover has been a critical platform in the growth and development of Fusion’s global audience,” said Fusion CEO Isaac Lee. “As we look to engage with our audience everywhere they are, Fusion will continue to invest in creative, dynamic content that harnesses the unique power of emerging platforms like Snapchat.”

Please find information about the five new series below:

  • Weird Threads: Toronto-born fashion connoisseur Jonas Bell Pasht hosts an exploration that examines the history of clothes -- from off-beat trends to popular fashion movements.
  • Science Fiction/Science Fact: SFSF is a fun series that uses popular science fiction movies from the past to highlight how these works of art were more than just entertainment -- they were straight-up prophetic.  
  • The Artisans: Fusion scours the world to meet the people who are continuing with the traditions handed down by their families, looking to answer the question: What makes an artisan?
  • Capitals: We’ve heard it a million times: Vienna is the capital of Music. Paris is the capital of Fashion. Milan is the capital of Design. But, in modern times, do these titles stand? Fusion set out to answer this question by setting out on a journey through the architectural marvels of São Paulo, the music-filled capital city Addis Ababa, and the lively culinary scene in Cape Town.
  • Off the Record: What makes a song catchy? Most of the time, it’s a recognizable beat or riff. Off the Record is a music explainer series that cues you into the origins of where the hot samples from today's biggest tracks come from.

Since launching on Snapchat Discover in January, Fusion has utilized the platform to roll out exclusive content ranging from original series geared towards a global audience to partnering with award-winning recording artist RedFoo to give fans an exclusive first-look at his new music video “Juicy Wiggle” on Fusion's Snapchat channel. Fusion produces minute-long news updates, “News in a Snap,” that feature headlines with an eye to humor, irreverence, and the global news cycle. In addition, Fusion has created content for Snapchat in several languages including Portuguese, French and Spanish, while testing new formats tailored to Snapchat, like vertical video.