FUSION today announced it is launching an eight-part documentary series based on its digital “Real Future” vertical, which launched on FUSION.net in February. “Real Future” will venture to the contours of our new technological universe, cutting through the futurist hype, and getting up close and personal with the people and communities that are using technology to transform their worlds, and ours. Created by FUSION’s award-winning Silicon Valley reporting team, the gritty and eye-opening documentary series features stories from FUSION Editor-in-Chief Alexis Madrigal, News Director Kevin Roose, Senior Editor Kashmir Hill, and Emmy-winning science journalist Cara Santa Maria

“Real Future” will premiere January 11 and air Mondays @ 10PM on FUSION.WATCH PREVIEW.  

“We are thrilled to be expanding on the success that the Real Future team has had both in the digital and live-event spaces by bringing their distinct voice to a television audience,” said FUSION SVP and Chief Digital Officer Daniel Eilemberg. “With an energetic, bold and immersive style of storytelling, the ‘Real Future’ series explores how the intersection of science and technology is is shaping our collective future.”  

"Every technology show I've ever watched has been primarily about the technology itself -- how it works, who invented it, which rich dudes are getting richer from selling it. We wanted to make a show that was primarily about people, and the fascinating ways in which their lives intersect with these larger tech-enabled movements," said Kevin Roose, “Real Future” co-executive producer and FUSION news director.  

"To us, the most interesting thing isn't the processor in the smartphone, or the rotors on the drone, or the science behind bio-hacking. It's the real, diverse people who are using these things out in the world,” said Co-Executive Producer and FUSION Editor-in-Chief Alexis Madrigal.   

The “Real Future” documentary series is a FUSION Original Series produced in conjunction with Citizen Jones. FUSION's Real Future first launched in February 2015 as a vertical on FUSION.net. The brand was extended into to the live event space this Fall with the “Real Future of Romance” in Los Angeles, “Real Future of Deceit” in NYC and the “Real Future Fair” at Innovation Hanger in San Francisco. The “Real Future Fair” was a two-day forum comprised of live journalism, performances and thought-provoking dialogue about the ways technology is shaping our lives.