GCI Partners with Aerohive to Deliver Enhanced, Managed Wi-Fi Solution


ANCHORAGE – General Communication Inc. (GCI), a leading managed-technology service provider, today announced that it has partnered with Aerohive Networks® (NYSE:HIVE), a leader in cloud networking and enterprise Wi-Fi, to offer customers across the Pacific Northwest and Alaska an enhanced managed Wi-Fi solution that leverages analytics to improve wireless network performance. 

“More organizations rely heavily on Wi-Fi networks because of the convenience and flexibility, but to be effective, the network must be reliable and secure,” said Martin Cary, senior vice president and general manager of GCI Business. “With Aerohive’s award-winning technology coupled with GCI’s more than 35 years of experience and expertise in designing custom networks and 24/7 support, we can ensure an organization’s network fits the needs of its users for maximum coverage.”

Aerohive’s technology provides GCI’s support team with enhanced troubleshooting and monitoring capabilities and added flexibility for custom design. Aerohive’s Application Program Interface (API) integration allows GCI to mine rich network data and identify trends in an organization’s Wi-Fi network to better scale the business.

With GCI’s enhanced managed Wi-Fi customers can:

·         Visualize network trends to better anticipate needs and improve performance

·         Easily scale and customize network

·         Keep network and all data highly secure

·         Eliminate the cost of an in-house Wi-Fi expert

·         Access 24/7 support

“We have a large development team and are making strategic investments in new data analytics features,” said Cary. “Our customers want access to information. Aerohive's open API makes it possible to analyze network activity and inform our customers who is on their network, doing what and for how long."

For more information on GCI’s managed Wi-Fi, please visit: https://www.gci.com/business/services/managed-technology/managed-wifi

About GCI

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