Harmonic Showcases OTT and Broadcast Service Delivery with Greater Velocity at CABSAT 2019

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Service providers in the traditional broadcast and video streaming businesses are facing monumental challenges. As video streaming consumption continues to heat up and technology evolves, they need to be more agile, deliver superior video quality on every screen, maximize efficiencies, and find new ways to boost monetization. At CABSAT 2019, Harmonic will show how its software-based approach for media processing, playout and delivery enables service providers to be more nimble and launch revenue-generating multiscreen services faster via the cloud and on-premises environments.

"The Middle East video streaming market is expected to grow by 50 percent by 2020, according to global research firm IHS Markit. To capitalize on the growth opportunities in the region and successfully respond to the tectonic shifts that are happening, service providers need to embrace a more flexible approach to video delivery," said Ian Graham, senior vice president of international sales and video services at Harmonic. "At CABSAT, we will demonstrate how software and cloud solutions are leading the charge to better video quality and enabling service providers to scale up services quickly on a wide range of devices."

At CABSAT 2019, Harmonic will highlight the following:


Unify Broadcast and OTT Delivery with Cloud-Native, Software-based Media Processing

At CABSAT 2019, Harmonic will demonstrate new SaaS-based statistical multiplexing capabilities that enable service providers to statmux multiple UHD channels in a single pool or with HD MPEG-4 encoded channels for broadcast delivery. This bold approach allows for simultaneous support of next-generation OTT streaming and traditional complex broadcast statmux delivery systems.


Launch OTT Channels Faster Using Video SaaS for the Entire Workflow 

Harmonic's VOS®360 SaaS media processing as a service makes it easier than ever to create and deliver revenue-generating, broadcast-quality OTT streaming services. With VOS360 SaaS, operators can deliver video directly to viewers on any screen in a matter of hours instead of months. Hosted in the public cloud and maintained and monitored by Harmonic, VOS360 SaaS unifies the entire media processing chain, from ingest through delivery to enable leaner, more agile and scalable operations.

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Boost Efficiencies with Channel Origination in the Cloud

Harmonic will demonstrate new channel origination capabilities in the cloud for its VOS360 SaaS at CABSAT 2019. Leveraging playout and graphic branding functionality, VOS360 SaaS opens up new levels of efficiency and monetization, including brand reinforcement, pop-up channels, rapid service deployment and expansion, and graphic avails.


Increase Resilience with Disaster Recovery as a Service

At CABSAT 2019, Harmonic will showcase its new Disaster Recovery as a Service (DRaaS) solution that provides the flexibility to support any use case — playout, OTT or broadcast-related (e.g., IPTV, cable, DTH, DTT). Harmonic's DRaaS solution mixes the benefits of a resilient, elastic, secure offering with a usage-based pricing model, making it ideal for live sports streaming. Leveraging the public cloud, the new solution can scale seamlessly to match the evolution of channel lineups.

Company Overview:

Harmonic (NASDAQ: HLIT), the worldwide leader in video delivery technology and services, enables media companies and service providers to deliver ultra-high-quality broadcast and OTT video services to consumers globally. The company has also revolutionized cable access networking via the industry's first virtualized cable access solution, enabling cable operators to more flexibly deploy gigabit internet service to consumers' homes and mobile devices. Whether simplifying OTT video delivery via innovative cloud and software-as-a-service (SaaS) technologies, or powering the delivery of gigabit internet cable services, Harmonic is changing the way media companies and service providers monetize live and VOD content on every screen. More information is available at www.harmonicinc.com.

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CABSAT 2019 Exhibitor Preview

March 12-14


Stand: Hall 2, B2-20 


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Harmonic Brings New Efficiencies to Broadcast and OTT Service Delivery at Inter BEE 2018

"Being agile is a critical necessity for today's content and service providers, given the speed with which technology and consumer viewing habits are changing," said Tony Berthaud, vice president of sales, APAC at Harmonic. "At Inter BEE 2018, we will bring the latest innovations in software and the cloud, to speed up time to market for video streaming services, driving new workflow efficiencies, better monetization and exceptional video quality."


Video Content Owners and Service Providers Gain Agility With Harmonic OTT, SaaS and UHD Solutions at Convergence India 2019

Service providers are facing several challenges in the traditional broadcast and video streaming businesses: how to be more agile, how to enhance video quality, how to cost-effectively deliver live and VOD content to a wide range of devices and how to boost monetization. At Convergence India 2019, Harmonic's software-based approach for media processing, playout and delivery will offer solutions for a variety of deployment scenarios, including cloud and on-premises environments. Harmonic's software solutions address the most critical challenges facing operators, enabling them to be nimbler, operationally efficient and deliver superior QoE across all screens.


Harmonic Showcases Innovations to Monetize, Optimize and Unify OTT Streaming and Broadcast at 2019 NAB Show

At the 2019 NAB Show, Harmonic (NASDAQ: HLIT) will demonstrate its approach to unified video delivery solutions for all deployment scenarios — including SaaS, cloud and hybrid environments — for smarter, faster and simpler distribution of OTT and broadcast channels. Harmonic's video SaaS and software-based solutions dramatically increase business agility for broadcasters, content owners and service providers, enabling them to launch services quickly and provide better-quality video experiences, including UHD HDR, on every screen.


At CCBN 2019, Harmonic to Showcase Flexibility, Scalability and Agility Enabled by Software-Driven Video Streaming and Cable Access Solutions

Today's consumers have an insatiable appetite for high-quality video and data services. This leaves cable operators and video service providers in a conundrum: How can they be more nimble, improve video quality on every screen and unleash faster broadband speeds? At CCBN 2019, Harmonic will highlight its software-based video streaming and cable access approach. Harmonic offers flexible solutions for all deployment models — on appliances, in cloud and hybrid environments, and software-as-a-service (SaaS) — allowing operators and service providers to be more agile, operationally efficient and deliver scalable gigabit internet and superior-quality multiscreen video with ease.


Interra Systems at CABSAT 2019

At CABSAT 2019, Interra Systems' product and technology experts will demonstrate how the company's cutting-edge solutions are helping the media industry with content quality control (QC), monitoring, and classification to streamline content management, improve efficiencies, and provide exceptional audio-video quality on every device. The flexibility of deploying Interra Systems' solutions in the cloud, on premises, or a combination of both, allows content creators and distributors to adopt a pragmatic approach best suited for their organization.


Broadpeak Products at CABSAT 2019

At CABSAT 2019, Broadpeak® will demonstrate its CDN, cloud PVR, multicast ABR, multiscreen via satellite, and local video caching solutions, which go above and beyond in meeting the requirements for superior QoE and efficient content delivery.


Harmonic Leads Technology Innovation Sessions at the 2019 NAB Show Conference

Harmonic (NASDAQ: HLIT) today announced that several of the company's executives will speak at the Broadcast Engineering and Information Technology Conference (BEITC) at the 2019 NAB Show in Las Vegas in April. During the conference, experts from Harmonic will examine a wide range of innovative technology-related topics, from OTT to live UHD HDR service delivery, AI-driven video compression, ATSC 3.0 and big data. As the worldwide leader in video delivery technology and services, and an established thought leader at industry conferences, Harmonic is helping the media industry deliver superior-quality broadcast and OTT video services to consumers globally.