HBO Latino Premieres The Second Season Of The Series `Magnífica 70’ On October 17


NEW YORK, N.Y – HBO Latino will premiere the second season of Magnífica 70, acquired from HBO Latin America, on October 17, at 10:00 PM ET/ 9:00 PM CT exclusively on HBO Latino. You can catch up on season 1 of Magnifica 70 on HBO GO®, HBO NOW®, HBO On Demand® and affiliate portals.

The first season, received an amazing reception from viewers and the critics, followed the life of Vicente—an employee of the Department of Censorship in Brazil, whose life changes when he enters the world of film production. After starting an unexpected career as a screenwriter and director, he becomes a partner of the production company Magnífica.

The legendary Luz district, representative of the Boca do Lixo area in San Pablo, continues to be the epicenter of the plot, told in ten episodes. In the second season, the production company is going through turbulent times while it’s being blackmailed to take part in a corruption scheme along with Embrafilme (the official Brazilian film entity). While the “Magníficos” help the corrupt, they’re also searching for ways to set themselves free from extortion. In addition, Dora, who is being pressured by Commissioner Santos, returns to the production company in hopes of uncovering Larsen’s killer and finds herself in the middle of a great internal conflict: should she protect her old colleagues or throw them to the wolves?

The cast brings together Marcos Winter in the role of Vicente and Simone Spoladore as the actress Dora Dumar; Adriano Garib plays Manolo and Maria Luisa Mendonça gives life to Isabel.