Hemisphere Media Group Announces Ramped Up Efforts to Serve Latino Audiences During COVID-19 Crisis

Early data shows the disproportionate impact of the coronavirus on communities of color in the U.S.—specifically African American and Latino communities.
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Miami, FL—May 7, 2020—With early data trickling in from states showing the disproportionate impact of the coronavirus on communities of color in the U.S.—specifically African American and Latino communities—Hemisphere Media Group (HMTV) has ramped up its efforts to serve its audiences and the Latino community at large in the wake of the pandemic.

In order to address and effectively reach underserved Hispanic audiences and communities with culturally relevant content, HMTV has leveraged its five U.S. Hispanic cable networks targeted specifically at Puerto Ricans on the mainland (through WAPA América), U.S.-based Central Americans (through CentroAméricaTV), U.S.-based Dominicans (through Televisión Dominicana), U.S.-based Mexican audiences (through Cinelatino), and Latina women (through Pasiones) as well as Puerto Ricans on the Island (through Puerto Rico’s leading broadcast network, WAPA Televisión). Filling in the need for accurate, credible and consistent information, top-rated, best-in-class news teams from WAPA América, WAPA Televisión, CentroAméricaTV and Televisión Dominicana have provided over 1.5k hours of combined news coverage over the last seven weeks, supplemented with the creation of special programs examining the impact of the crisis on the Latino community including Especial Covid-19, a COVID-19 edition of Hola el Salvador, and Edición Especial PR en Cuarentena: El análisis. Additionally, over 30 original PSAs featuring customized messages and preventative tips, and a targeted social media campaign curated to the Latino community’s specific challenges and needs have been rolled out across all five mainland U.S. cable networks and on Puerto Rico’s WAPA TV. To meet the heightened demand for Spanish-language co-viewing content as families continue to self-isolate, added emphasis has also been placed on family-friendly entertainment programming.

“Pervasive health and economic disparities, citizenship status, job loss, type of employment and lack of liquidity are part of the backdrop magnifying the impact of the current crisis and leaving the Latino community in the U.S. more vulnerable to its effects.” said Alan J. Sokol, President and CEO of Hemisphere Media Group, Inc. “Further compounding the situation is the lack of culturally relevant information being provided to this very diverse population. However, the U.S.-based Latino community is not monolithic, and in order to best serve and reach them even in the best of times, it’s important to provide them with relevant, culturally specific content. This holds true now more than ever before, and Hemisphere Media Group has worked to use the resources at its disposal to serve as a link to critical information and support the Latino community during these times of crisis. Effectively reaching those who speak Spanish as their primary or only language is critical to combatting the pandemic in the U.S. ”

In Latin America, Hemisphere has undertaken similar efforts to maintain audiences connected and abreast of the latest developments surrounding the current crisis.

Colombia’s Canal 1, one of the leading broadcast networks in the country, expanded its informational offerings with the creation of El Valor de la Verdad, a program dedicated to the reporting and analysis of the pandemic. The channel has also added to its weekday news coverage, creating informative capsules which air throughout the weekend with the latest insights and recommendations surrounding the crisis.

Additional PSAs and social media campaigns were rolled out through the company’s two Latin American cable feeds, Cinelatino and Pasiones, in an effort to supply credible information and share preventative tips with viewers.

“Hemisphere is committed to providing its audiences and the larger Latino community with the necessary resources to understand this developing situation and make well-informed decisions,” said Sokol. “Through our programming we aim to foment vital connections, raise awareness, and combat misinformation with the hope of best serving our audiences and offering them a degree of reassurance during these very challenging times.”

For more information on individual channel programing, viewers can visit www.cinelatino.com, www.wapa.tv, tvpasiones.com, www.centroamericatv.tv, www.televisiondominicana.tv, and canal1.com.co.

Canal 1 is owned in partnership by Hemisphere Media Group with leading Colombian content producers Radio Television Interamericana S.A. (“RTI”), Compania de Medios de Informacion S.A.S (“CMI”) and NTC Nacional de Television y Communicaciones S.A. (“NTC”).

About Hemisphere Media Group, Inc.: Hemisphere Media Group, Inc. (HMTV) is the only publicly traded pure-play U.S. media company targeting the high-growth U.S. Hispanic and Latin American markets with leading television and digital content platforms. Headquartered in Miami, Florida, Hemisphere owns and operates five leading U.S. Hispanic cable networks, two Latin American cable networks, the leading broadcast television network in Puerto Rico, and has ownership interests in a leading broadcast television network in Colombia, a Spanish-language content distribution company, and a Spanish-language OTT service in the U.S.