CENTENNIAL, CO – Hitron Technologies Inc., the fastest growing DOCSIS customer premise equipment (CPE) manufacturer in North America, now offers MVPDs their turnkey, manageable whole-home Wi-Fi solution. Designed to handle the ever-growing number of residential electronic devices, it starts by delivering a premium install and then simplifies the configuration and management of connected experiences with an unmatched, efficient user interface.

Hitron’s “Unleash Your WiFi” suite of apps, in combination with their gateways and extenders, provides user-friendly, intuitive diagnostic tools which deliver the fastest, furthest-reaching self-managed home network solution on the market. The apps guarantee simplified connections by smart devices to the network, enhanced visibility and control of the network itself and the optimal initial placement of the centralized gateway, either by an installer or the consumer.

“Speed is no longer a customer want: it’s a need. As the number of devices in the home increases exponentially, this need gets more difficult to satisfy. That’s why our engineers have focused on a series of forward-looking features to ensure peak performance and advanced functionality even when consumers move throughout their home, their garage or their yard,” said Greg Fisher, chief technology officer for Hitron Technologies Americas. “We simplify diagnostics for everyone – from the installer, to the subscriber to the call center. This will increase customer satisfaction while reducing truck rolls and support calls.”

Apps and programs in the end-to-end solution include:

  • EasyInstall™– Used by installers and technicians, this app ensures the best initial setup by offering data directly from the gateway itself, such as spectrum analysis and QAM modulation. This tool also helps with AP placement by identifying any “dead zones” through the SweetSpots™ functionality that tracks in-home signal strength, showing Wi-Fi throughput in real-time while also recording relative performance in every room. Because of its efficiency in both broadband and Wi-Fi validation, using EasyInstall allows more installs per day.
  • MyHitron™ - The end-user app offers simplified management and resolution steps (self-installs, parental controls, network setup and security, etc.) and customer care (tier0 trouble-shooting preventing truck rolls). APIs for this app allow MVPDs to brand it to their desired customer experience.
  • OptiMy™ - Powered by CloudCheck, this customer support program allows MVPDs to resolve Wi-Fi issues remotely, therefore cutting operating expenses, as an estimated 50% of all tech calls are Wi-Fi related. This self-healing tool works with an agent already found in Hitron gateways.

The Hitron app portfolio gives consumers unprecedented control over their home networks by allowing management of all devices on their network. If parents, for example, want to prevent access to all non-homework related Internet sites during after-school hours, prevent late-night video gaming sessions, or create buzzwords to safeguard children while they surf the web, they can do so directly from their smart-device.

Homeowners can utilize app functionalities to test their connection speed both to the house and within the home’s Wi-Fi network, allowing them to determine if any perceived issues might be broadband or Wi-Fi related. Via machine learning and heuristics, Hitron’s cloud-based solution can also identify and correct network issues in the background, without the need for user interaction.

MVPDs also benefit from the use of Hitron apps. They can ensure installs are done right the first time, eliminating next-day call-backs. Their use improves appointment efficiency, allowing more installs per day and lowering operating expenses.

The gateways that support the various app offerings, enabled with Intel® Puma™ chipsets, include the CODA, CGNVM and CGNM models.

MVPDs can also provide consumers with Hitron’s extenders to guarantee their home Wi-Fi signal is strong to every corner of every room. Upon installation, extenders update their own settings in seconds utilizing their AutoSync functionality, to align with the existing network. Devices can then seamlessly hand off from one AP to another, ensuring the strongest signal and fastest speeds at any given time and location. Hitron extenders work on a MoCA or Ethernet backhaul or in Wi-Fi repeater mode, fitting any type of home or install. Operators can include extenders with the solution set-up or rent them to users for a monthly fee.

About Hitron Technologies

Hitron Technologies Inc. (TPE: 2419) was founded in 1989 and is the parent company of Hitron Technologies Americas Inc. With hardware design, software development, manufacturing, sales and support all in house, Hitron categorically has the flexibility and agility to meet customers’ unique business needs. Its products include state-of-the art modems, voice and applications gateways for homes and businesses; and network monitoring equipment. For more information visit http://www.hitron-americas.com/