The HLN Original Series Vacation Chasers Airs Fridays Beginning June 5 With Viewer Engagement Via “VC” App

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HLN premieres its newest original series Vacation Chasers, hosted by travel experts Rachel Rudwall and Andrea Feczko, on Friday, June 5 at 9pm ET/PT, following the introduction of the Vacation Chasers app (available on IOS and Android).

This four-episode, half-hour HLN Original series, produced in association with the Tom Lynch Company, captures America’s fascination with booking the ultimate vacation. Allegra® Allergy and Expedia have aligned with the debut series as full-season title sponsors.

In each episode, two ultra-competitive travel experts compete to plan the ultimate dream vacation for desperate vacation-seekers.

Rachel and Andrea first mine their clients' social media profiles to understand their tastes, and then meet them before building their “ultimate bespoke package.” Each of our Vacation Chasers uses her own global network of travel contacts to help build a travel itinerary specially tailored to the clients’ tastes. Then, using stunning graphics and tempting footage to illustrate the proposed destination and activities, Rachel and Andrea each pitch their rival itineraries to the client. Finally, it’s up to the client to decide which dream holiday they are going to take.

Prior to the TV program’s premiere, Vacation Chasers launched as a smartphone app, which is designed to be a unique city guide that helps anyone, become their own “Vacation Chaser.” Users open the app, pick a city, scroll through Instagram pictures of hidden gems and locals' hotspots curated from Influencers worldwide, and tap those they like to add those places to their itineraries.       

Please click on link for a preview of Vacation Chasers:

Following are episode synopses and airdates:

·      AUBREY AND ELIAS (June 5) A couple wants a vacation to celebrate recovery from a serious injury. But only one Vacation Chaser pitches an itinerary that meets all their needs.

·      TAMARA AND AARON (June 12) Andrea and Rachel each pitch a honeymoon itinerary.  But could this be the first time that NEITHER Vacation Chaser has pleased the client?

·      THE PEREZ FAMILY (June 19) Rachel and Andrea each plan a vacation they think will please the whole Perez family. But Rachel gets some news that requires a re-think.

·      PORSCHE, RACHEL & ELISSA (June 26) Three hotheaded girlfriends, moving apart, want to take a road-trip as a last hoorah. But can Andrea or Rachel meet all their crazy demands?