ICX Media, Inc. and VUBIQUITY to Offer Independent Content Creators Access to Global, Premium Video Distribution


ICX Media, Inc., a next generation multi-platform distribution and marketing intelligence engine for independent content creators, and VUBIQUITY, the leading global provider of services connecting content owners and video providers to deliver entertainment to any screen, announced that independent content creators on the ICX Media platform will have access to additional distribution services from VUBIQUITY and its subsidiary Juice Worldwide.

ICX Media developed a powerful single-interface analytics and intelligence platform that enables independent creators to manage, market, and monetize their video content across web and mobile platforms. By partnering with VUBIQUITY and Juice Worldwide, the company will be able to deliver premium content to the world’s leading digital distribution globally.

Michael Avon, CEO of ICX Media said, “Our mission is to empower content creators by providing them with a single platform to access dozens of distribution and marketing channels, services and applications. Our relationship with VUBIQUITY is a significant step towards that goal. VUBIQUITY’s global network of premium video distribution providers will unlock enormous opportunities for our content creators to discover new opportunities and lucrative means to define themselves across the digital landscape.”

As a beta customer, VUBIQUITY will also gain early access to ICX Media’s growing community of creators, allowing the company to identify and source content for its clients’ various services. VUBIQUITY will also leverage ICX Media’s data and analytics technology to efficiently match specific content to audiences, enabling more precise curation and distribution of high-quality content.

Darcy Antonellis, CEO of VUBIQUITY said, “Harnessing the rich data and analytics backbone ICX Media is building will enhance our ability to match content creators and video distributors rapidly and effectively. Increasing our access to the creative works of rising talent, made possible by joining ICX Media’s beta program, will reinforce our efforts which bring a steady stream of fresh, compelling video content to our affiliates – while simultaneously helping independent creators reach a wider audience.”

Last week, ICX Media’s beta was opened for all video creators to use, following a limited beta program available only to a select set of customers earlier this year. In March, ICX Media announced that it secured initial seed financing of $2.5 million.

To sign up to use ICX Media’s beta for free, creators can simply go to http://www.icxmedia.com. All beta users will have access to the full ICX Media platform at no cost through the beta period.