Incognito Software Systems Unveils New Solutions for Revenue Assurance


Vancouver, B.C. – Incognito Software Systems, a global provider of broadband device provisioning, IP address management, bandwidth monitoring, and service activation solutions, today announced the launch of solutions for revenue assurance to help broadband operators find and stop revenue losses due to external fraud and internal system misalignment. These new solutions combine a detailed analysis of usage and consumption records along with both standards-based and proprietary device provisioning safeguards to block fraudulent devices from accessing broadband networks, pinpoint customer service record mistakes, and align back-end cable systems. The result is a better quality of experience (QoE) for paying customers, fewer internal infrastructure expenses, and a larger potential subscriber base for operators worldwide.

A top five U.S. cable operator serving millions of voice, video and broadband subscribers in a major metropolitan area deployed the Incognito solutions for revenue assurance and experienced a 90 percent drop in the number of hacked devices on its network over a period of just four months. This represented more than $3 million in lost revenue opportunities per year in external sources of revenue leakage alone. Identifying and stopping internal sources of leakages such as back-office discrepancies, customer service representative fraud, and human errors represent an even larger revenue assurance opportunity. 

Battling service fraud is a significant challenge for the broadband industry. According to a 2013 report issued by the Communications Fraud Control Association, cable and satellite providers in North America lose more than one billion dollars from fraud each year, with small to mid-sized operators most at risk. Theft of service becomes even more problematic for operators using policy enforcement methods such as fair access or monetized overages, since usage counters must be readjusted once the fraud is identified and isolated.

“The concept of service fraud and back-office misalignment is not new – it has plagued service providers for decades. Historically, however, the majority of solutions available on the market have aimed to address the wireless industry or provided only a limited view into the problem,” said Stephane Bourque, president and CEO of Incognito Software Systems. “At a time of intense competition from telco, satellite, and OTT providers, it has become essential for cable operators to invest in fraud protection technology that allows them to monitor, manage, and stop unauthorized network access in real-time to prevent revenue leakage and ensure that their current subscribers receive the optimal service quality they expect.”

Incognito solutions for revenue assurance seamlessly integrate with broadband provisioning servers and continuously mine, evaluate, and ingest data into a large database. This gives operators a complete picture of all usage sessions and bandwidth consumption as well as provides a holistic view of provisioned devices across the entire network. As a result, service providers are able to find and safeguard themselves from hackers attempting theft of service, as well as identify revenue and consumption misalignment as a result of manual provisioning mistakes, customer service representative fraud, back-end IT errors, or data discrepancies regarding service offerings, pricing, or provisioning rules across disparate systems.

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