Intraway unveils real-time business services activation and management at CableLabs Winter Conference 2016


Intraway Symphonica provides real-time business services activation, orchestration, and management. The technology-agnostic solution, which has received the TM Forum's Framework 14.0 certification, will be presented at CableLabs Winter Conference 2016 in Orlando, Florida.

Orlando, Florida, February 04, 2016 – Intraway, a leading provider of software solutions for operations and business support (OSS/BSS) for telecommunications operators and service providers, proudly presents the features and benefits of its Intraway Symphonica solution. This innovative new product enables competitive service providers to accelerate and scale business services.

Competitive service providers are seeing business services outpace the growth of their traditional residential services. More emphasis is now being placed on accelerating the deployment of business services to meet the increasing demand.

Service providers are transitioning from slow and manual provisioning to automated and orchestrated provisioning. They can design, deploy, and monetize services within days instead of weeks, which accelerates time-to-market and time-to-revenue. Service providers can meet the most demanding SLAs and customer satisfaction standards, and transition from legacy to virtual systems by taking advantage of the latest cloud and virtual technologies (SDN/VFN).

“This disruptive growth calls for a clear strategy supported by organizational, processes, and systems changes. The key is to partner with an OSS company that reduces time-to-revenue using zero-touch provisioning instead of manual activation, and that enables dynamic services (SDN/NFV) to be launched,” states Sandra Bobadilla, Business Development for Intraway.

About Intraway
Intraway’s convergent OSS, BSS, and Network Control solutions improve communications service providers’ customer experience and help achieve operational excellence, resulting in greater profitability, revenue growth, and enhanced customer loyalty and acquisition.

The company delivers innovative, flexible software products that unleash the full potential and amazing capabilities of wireless and fixed networks while reducing costs, maximizing revenue integrity, and improving time-to-market, quality and efficiency.

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