INVIDI Technologies awarded patent for national insertion of targeted advertising


New York, NY-- Invidi Technologies Corporation, the worldwide leader in addressable advertising, was awarded patent #9,124,915 for national insertion of targeted advertising, allowing control of different advertising breaks to different parties within the network, and enabling multiple advertising insertions at the national, regional and local network levels. This patent is significant in that it is another building block toward the creation of the long-awaited national network of addressable distributors, which re-aggregates the television audience reach lost since the days of three dominant broadcast television networks. U-Verse®

Marketers have yearned for the return of big-reach television, which is generally credited for being the main driver behind the consumer sales efforts of packaged goods, automotives, financial companies and many others. By stitching together, or aggregating, the viewing audiences of addressable distributors such as satellite companies, cable MSOs and telcos a national network will, in the words of INVIDI CEO Dave Downey, “create a Super Bowl-sized audience every night of the year.”

INVIDI has distribution contracts for its addressable advertising technology with U.S. operators serving 68 million U.S. households and has deployed, or is currently deploying, its technology throughout the networks of the leading U.S. cable, satellite and telco providers including DirecTV, DISH Network, Verizon, Comcast and AT&T U-Verse®.

INVIDI has successfully tested national network insertions for addressable advertising to smart TVs in cooperation with a major broadcast group in three cities in North America and is in discussions with multiple national broadcast and cable networks to implement its national network-enabling technology.

INVIDI’s technology, in combination with its 68-million U.S. household footprint, is an unbeatable combination which can enable a paradigm shift for targeted advertising on a national, regional and local basis.  “For instance,” says INVIDI EVP Michael Kubin, “a national dog food advertiser will be able to reach all dog owners regardless of what they’re watching or whether they’re using cable, telco or satellite to access their television programs. This also has enormous impact in the political arena, as candidates can use the national network to concentrate their media dollars specifically on ‘swing’ areas likely to be very important to the outcome of elections.”

This patent also extends INVIDI’s intellectual property coverage to another aspect of addressable television advertising: Often two or more advertising spots are offered for sale in a television program. This patent allows more than one party to control those spots. That party then has the ability to choose which spot is inserted into that break, thereby selecting which spot a viewer will see. Since these are addressable spots, individual (and different) decisions can be made for each spot based on a myriad of targeting criteria such as geography and demographic characteristics. And once the ads are delivered, this system also includes the capability to report on the ads shown.

“INVIDI takes its patent portfolio very seriously” said INVIDI CEO Dave Downey. “We’re proud to have received this patent in recognition of the fact that addressable television, which we pioneered, is being used in different ways by different distributors. We are committed to continue developing new capabilities such as the national network as the addressable marketplace grows.”

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About INVIDI Technologies Corporation         
INVIDI Technologies Corporation is the world’s leading advanced addressable television advertising solutions company.  Our vision and expertise in building smart advertising systems provides unrivalled capability for delivering the right advertising message to the right audience with pinpoint accuracy and creates substantial monetary value for the cable, satellite, telco, IPTV and advertising industries. INVIDI’s unique approach to addressable advertising delivery, reporting and measurement is supported by a solid portfolio of patents and other intellectual property. Our innovations in content delivery solutions and intellectual property development in targeted demographic media is the foundation for a wide array of advanced advertising capabilities. Digital technology has revolutionized media and INVIDI is making targeted and addressable advertising, more efficient, more effective and more available than ever. INVIDI’s distributors include Dish Network, DirecTV, ATT U-Verse®, Comcast and Verizon FiOS, combining for a total of over 68 million US households under contract. Visit for more details