Iron Dragon TV to Feature Karate Combat Fights in 4K Ultra HD on Ultraflix Network

The new full-contact karate league will present its content on the streaming martial arts network; Re-mastering to be done by UltraFlix partner 4K Studios
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AUSTIN, TEXAS -- Iron Dragon TV announced today that it has signed a deal with martial arts league Karate Combat to feature content on the Iron Dragon TV channels. Karate Combat is the first mainstream, professional, full-contact karate league, with over 100 of the top Karateka in the world representing over 30 countries. Developed by martial arts experts and top competitors, the fighting offers full-contact action in the Karate Combat Fighting Pit, using rules and rewards calibrated to encourage continuous action. 

Iron Dragon TV will exclusively feature Karate Combat events in stunning 4K Ultra HD with the events being remastered by 4K Studios and streamed on the Iron Dragon TV channel on the UltraFlix network. 

"Karate Combat is all about revitalizing this martial art, and making fans feel like they are part of the action," said Michael DePietro, CEO of Karate Combat. "So offering our premium events in 4K with UltraFlix and Iron Dragon TV is a perfect fit." 

Janell Smith, founder of Iron Dragon TV noted, “We are very excited to continue to expand our offering and bringing the greatest Karateka competitors to our network and providing the highest quality version of the events available anywhere.” 

Karate Combat Inception streamed live from Miami on April 26th, 2018 and was covered by CNN, USA Today, CBS and Sports Illustrated, among other outlets. The fight was viewed worldwide at and on partner platforms, and some highlights have amassed nearly a million views on social media. Karate Combat Inception is available for replay at and the next live event schedule for June 2018 will be announced soon. 

About Karate Combat  

Karate Combat is a premier professional combat sports league revitalizing the martial art of karate. With over 100 of the world's top karate fighters representing a diverse roster, Karate Combat offers Full Contact events from exotic locales around the world. Using its patent-pending Pit arena, fighters compete using rules and rewards calibrated to encourage continuous action, presented with Hollywood production quality and its core values of honor and respect. For more information go to

About Iron Dragon TV  

Iron Dragon TV, founded by Janell Smith, is a streaming network that features content focused on martial arts and Asian action films. Available in 4K Ultra HD on the UltraFlix network as well as a stand-alone streaming app, Iron Dragon TV features the greatest collection of martial arts content available anywhere. More information can be found at

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Headquartered in San Jose, CA, the heart of Silicon Valley, UltraFlix is and award winning direct to consumer 4K Ultra HD media destination and digital distribution network. UltraFlix is world's first 4K Ultra HD streaming content destination delivering hundreds of 4K Ultra HD film selections. UltraFlix is now found on most major 4K Ultra HD TV and OTT streaming devices in the North America, and soon globally. UltraFlix, through its 4K Studios Partner, is also engaged in the re-mastering of film and videos, using the company’s state-of-the-art scanners and proprietary remastering technologies to create 4K Ultra HD digital masters, for distribution on the UltraFlix Network, with the ability to be released also on the new Ultra HD Blu-ray disks now available. More information can be found at