Durham, NC - RainbowMe, the first digital entertainment platform for kids that celebrates diversity, will launch on Saturday, April 30 with an array of rich and varied content with a special focus on content for Latino/a, Indian, Asian, and African American kids aged 2-12. Featuring multicultural and traditionally underrepresented main characters presented in a positive light, RainbowMe’s initial phase is a free streaming video service. The second phase will roll out a patented gaming platform that personalizes games based on the user’s interests, personality traits, community and culture, plus books, music and other activities.

To introduce RainbowMe ( to parents and kids on April 30, founder and CEO Kya Johnson will kick off the first official day at 10 am ET with a live Facebook chat, where she will also elaborate on plans for virtual launch parties throughout the launch week celebrating RainbowMe’s multicultural content. Special events, contests and content will be featured each day via social media, all with the aim of introducing families to all that RainbowMe has to offer.

RainbowMe’s video content will be free, with support to come from sponsorship and advertising, while a premium subscription service is planned for access to the games and non-sponsored content. At launch, the content includes 120 episodes of animation and hosted live action series from North America, Latin America, Europe and Africa, most of which has never been aired previously in the USA. RainbowMe expects to add more video content on a regular basis and eventually plans to commission original productions.

Founded by North Carolina entrepreneur and attorney Kya Johnson, RainbowMe’s team includes a former executive for Discovery Channel, HGTV, and TV One, as well as a former IBM executive who holds 7 patents.

Last year the Census Bureau reported that young America is becoming more diverse, with ‘minority’ children younger than 5 now outnumbering white children. “Yet fewer than 10 percent of entertainment programs available today on major children’s outlets feature kids of color as main characters,” said RainbowMe founder Kya Johnson.

“Studies have shown that children are negatively affected when they don’t see positive representations of themselves on television,” Johnson added. “That’s why we felt it was critical to create RainbowMe – to utilize media in a way that engages, inspires and informs traditionally underrepresented kids so they can see themselves in media and imagine the whole world of opportunity that awaits them.”

The RainbowMe mission is to connect with and engage kids in the diverse and culturally rich environment in which they live through entertainment, technology, and media. The RainbowMe brand represents a worldview that’s inclusive and open, with the intent of facilitating a cultural and entertainment exchange among all 2-12 year olds, while also educating and preparing them for a global world.