LA Agency O&O Signs Strategic Partnership with Newly Formed Vertuoso:


Los Angeles, CA, December 4, 2017 – Oskoui & Oskoui, Inc. (O&O), a digital agency which delivers creative solutions across all media, has signed a strategic partnership with newly formed Vertuoso, the industry’s first creative and production agency focused on “Vertical Storytelling” (think Snapchat). The strategic partnership allows for Vertuoso to become the exclusive content provider for O&O’s unique “Gretel” Mobile App. The announcement was made today by Jo Oskoui, Co-Founder, O&O, and Curt Doty, CEO, Vertuoso.

O&O’s year old Gretel Mobile App platform has been designed specifically for integration within museums, art galleries, theme parks and themed entertainment destinations, to enhance each visitor’s mobile app experience, both on their own phones and on rental devices provided to those visitors by those sites. Though every site is unique and presents its own set of requirements and features, Gretel was designed and built to be extremely modular, fully customizable yet scalable, and cost effective. Gretel’s possibilities are far reaching, and compatible with augmented reality and wi-fi triangulation, and with beacon technologies, for way-finding and self-guided tours.

Once these connections are made, Gretel’s pop up content appears on phones and rental devices describing where the museum/gallery/theme park visitor is located, and what he or she is experiencing at that present time. Given that the most popular content for the general public today is video content, and that the most user-friendly mobile content today is delivered vertically, Gretel is a natural fit to be integrated by visitor destinations as their in-phone or in-rental-device video delivery app.

Regarding the partnership between his company and Vertuoso, Oskoui said, “What we see in vertical storytelling today aligns with our User Centered Design philosophy that tracks new consumer behaviors, and adapts user experience design to match this behavior. Enter Vertuoso, a new company started by entertainment branding and marketing veteran Curt Doty. Vertuoso is the first creative and production agency focused on vertical storytelling. Whether it is for mobile advertising, social or in-app content, they have embraced the true meaning of native. Vertuoso’s focus on this niche provides us at O&O with an innovative edge that our clients are always looking for. We are excited about this new partnership with Curt and his team, and we already have several ventures underway in which Gretel will be utilized by noted clients.”

Adds Doty, “Studies have shown that the public holds their phones vertically 94% of the time. Vertical viewing has increased 600% over the last 5 years - vertical videos have nine times higher completion rates - and users have come to expect and want vertical content now. Think Snapchat. Gretel is a natural fit for the content that we at Vertuoso will be specializing in creating. Gretel is a native application. For those in industries who don’t use Gretel, we ask, ‘Why ask your visitors to click through to a tiny landscape video? Gretel will allow them to use the entire screen!’  We believe that Gretel is bound to help revolutionize the ways in which museums, art galleries, theme parks and themed entertainment sites will interact with their guests in the near future.”  


Oskoui + Oskoui, Inc. (O&O) is a digital agency that delivers creative solutions across all media, creating experiences that matter. The company represents a new agency model built around three pillars: Services, Lab, and Venture. O&O has discovered that by encouraging curiosity, charisma, and connection, people tend to create brilliant things. And when you create brilliant things, you inspire behavior in amazing ways.

O&O’s team of skilled creatives and developers gives the company the ability to communicate and deliver with speed and agility, while taking the time, energy, and attention to invest in the nuances. Valuable relationships between brands and their audiences depend on meaningful experiences. O&O designs those experiences and facilitates those relationships, ultimately creating a better experience for everyone.

The company has worked with such top brands and organizations as The Petersen Museum, Beats By Dre, Royal Caribbean, Kraft Foods, Walt Disney Company, Twentieth Century Fox, Warner Bros., Universal Music Group, Sony Corporation, and The Recording Academy, to name just some.

The O&O office is based in Downtown Los Angeles, at 639 S. Spring Street, Suite 11-A, LA, CA  90014. The phone is 323.369.0753. Please visit:


Founded by branding/marketing executive Curt Doty in 2017, and located in Los Angeles, New York, and Santa Fe, New Mexico, Vertuoso works with brands, agencies, studios, networks, and media companies to collaborate on creating and optimizing their video campaigns - promotional campaigns for movies and TV shows, and advertising campaigns for brands and services - by taking advantage of the latest consumer behaviors in their consumption of social video. The company also creates original Vertical (mobile) content for museums, art galleries, theme parks and themed visitor destinations.

Vertuoso is a production company that sources the best DP’s and crews from across the country to accept this new challenge of shooting and framing for landscape and portrait. Using Design to drive a story graphically is becoming increasingly more critical to the industry, and has become tantamount to enticing the public’s behavior, since marketers can no longer rely on traditional paradigms of audio, music, and dialogue to propel a story. With the increased use of infographics and explainer videos, Design plays a bolder role in retaining attention.

Vertuoso incorporates Neuroscience studies into its workflow, to measure the emotions and attention of viewers to the millisecond. Utilizing this approach, Vertuoso can enhance each of its clients’ campaigns, and can better help educate its diverse, global client base. Please see:

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Vertuoso Company Contact:
Curt Doty


Media Contact for Vertuoso:

Dan Harary

The Asbury PR Agency

Beverly Hills, CA


Company Contact for O&O:

Jo Oskoui