The Law&Crime Network is now available to watch on the UK’s new Channelbox service available on Freeview. Channelbox customizes a selection of free-to-air TV channels across a wide range of genres and languages for the Freeview platform which serves 19 million UK households and six million unique OTT households.

Freeview viewers on Channelbox will have on-demand access to Law&Crime’s gavel to gavel live trial coverage and expert legal commentary. Also available, the network’s original true-crime and legal programming hosted by Law&Crime’s roster of nationally acclaimed reporters and attorneys.

Channelbox offers a unique user experience for viewers, featuring previously watched content memory, automatically displaying viewers’ favorite programs on repeated visits to the Channelbox service. Freeview viewers simply need to navigate to Channelbox as they would for any broadcast channel.

“We are very excited to welcome Law&Crime to the Channelbox line up and bring US court drama to the biggest TV platform in the UK,” said Channelbox Head of Business Development, Tanya Kronfli.

Law&Crime also joined a select rollout of channels now available on the new Roku “Live Linear” service in Canada last week.

“As we continue to build a significant audience for our Law&Crime content outside of the U.S., these partnerships not only broaden our reach but give more viewers an exclusive inside look into our courtrooms through the network’s daily live trial coverage and true crime programming,” said Law&Crime Head of Content Distribution & Licensing, Alex Kopacz.

Law&Crime can be found on Channelbox Freeview number 271.

About Law&Crime

From the high-profile cases to the most compelling local trials, Law&Crime is the leading 24/7 linear and OTT network offering daily live trial coverage and expert legal commentary and analysis. Created by TV’s top legal commentator and attorney, Dan Abrams, Law&Crime is dedicated to exploring the always intriguing world of the law while also offering original crime stories and legal programs to a broad, multi-platform audience.

About Channelbox

A free-to-air multi-channel TV service delivered OTT and available on Freeview devices connected to the internet. The unique user interface offers the equivalent of a dedicated Freeview channel. Channelbox is accessible on Freeview 271.