MCN Announces #CableInTheCommunity Campaign


NEW YORK --To spotlight the TV industry's public service efforts, Multichannel News is launching a new, multiplatform campaign: #CableInTheCommunity.

Comprising a print feature, the launch of a new “Community” blog on our website and a campaign to make #CableInTheCommunity a trending topic on Twitter, this special coverage will revolve around stories of service and volunteerism, of companies and employees serving their local communities and championing corporate causes.

We want to highlight projects big and small that are making an impact on the causes our community of readers cares about — from a cable system’s outreach in its local town to a programmer’s national public awareness campaign to an association’s industry-oriented initiative to employee-spearheaded projects that found the support of employers.

The #CableInTheCommunity spotlight runs in the March 23 issue of Multichannel News. It will not be a ranking or a "best of" listing but a curated selection of our community's innovative public service efforts. It also marks the beginning of more ongoing, online coverage of how the pay TV community is giving back. The new "Community" blog will provide a space on to tell your #CableInTheCommunity stories all year long.

Send us information about your initiatives: what’s the cause, who’s involved, how is it making a difference? You can include links and press releases, as well as photos. To be considered for the March 23 print feature, the submission deadline is Tuesday, March 3 (the original Friday, Feb. 27, deadline has been extended); email us at using the subject line #CableInTheCommunity.

More details about the blog and the Twitter campaign will be announced separately. Meanwhile, send us your submissions for consideration, and tweet @MultiNews with the #CableInTheCommunity hashtag. We are excited about working with you to make public service a trending topic among our readers, in our workplaces and across our industry.


MCN Launches #CableInTheCommunity

MCN Call for Submissions: #CableInTheCommunity