NAB sees ContentWise go beyond Recommendations with Full Personalization of the TV Experience


Las Vegas, NV  -- ContentWise (NAB: SU11707 CM) the personalization, discovery, analytics and metadata expert, today announced that NAB will see it demonstrate how far it’s moved beyond recommendations to ensure TV operators’ business success through the combination of data-driven personalization, editorial curation and the kind of advanced targeting capabilities used by the most successful online retailers.

“At NAB we’ll be showing how we are providing the marketing and editorial teams managing TV services with exciting new superpowers,” said Pancrazio Auteri, CTO of ContentWise. “Visitors to our booth will realize how far we’ve gone beyond recommendations. They will see how they can use our UX engine to blend their curation and promotion efforts with powerful data-driven automation and finally deliver a personalized user experience finely tuned to achieve their business goals. We have also made personalization work by figuring out how operators can automate their digital storefront across all devices: it’s just like putting the UI on autopilot.”

The ContentWise on-booth demonstrations will include some brand new features that:

-Increase viewers engagement with a new, exciting way to generate unique content collections;

-Elegantly resolve the cold-start problem for new customers in real time;

-Enable editorial UI changes while cutting the development time of client apps;