NCTA Foundation Announces Partnerships to Strengthen Technology-Based Community Programs


Washington, DC – In a first of its kind announcement, NCTA – The Internet & Television Association announced that its foundation is providing $325,000 in grants to three Washington, DC-area community non-profits to deliver technology-charged opportunities for personal growth and development, for local families and young people. At an event today at its headquarters, the NCTA Foundation unveiled partnerships with BUILD Metro DC, Byte Back, Inc. and A Wider Circle.

The grant making is a strategic shift in how NCTA – The Internet & Television Association aims to have a direct community-based impact, and is another example of how NCTA is evolving as an organization. The grants are designed to provide NCTA’s energy and resources to local initiatives and equip young people and families with tools to succeed in the digital world.

“The explosion in broadband and digital services generated by the companies we represent has been immensely beneficial to the lives of most Americans. We’re working to continue to extend those benefits to even more groups and individuals, and to harness the broadband revolution for the public good,” said Michael Powell, President & CEO, NCTA. “We’re privileged to operate here in the nation’s capital, so it makes good sense to support local organizations as a way of giving back to the community we call home.”

Said David Pierce, Executive Director of the NCTA Foundation, and Vice President, Public Affairs, NCTA, “These partnership grants are designed either to jump-start promising programs or super-charge existing initiatives. This set of successful and effective non-profits will make ideal partners for our initial efforts to support and reflect our industry’s commitment to corporate social responsibility.”

The NCTA Foundation is providing $325,000 combined, in partnership grants to the three groups, in this first year of Foundation grant-making. With the funding, the non-profits plan to achieve the following results:

  •          A Wider Circle, based in Silver Spring, MD, will use its $115,000 NCTA Foundation grant to extend its Workforce Readiness Program by outfitting its soon-to-be-renovated headquarters facility with technology, including a computer lab, and equipping a new 4,000-square-foot classroom and conference center space with projectors, television screens, and a wide range of technology resources. The grant will enable the organization to expand its programs and prepare more individuals for the workforce, as well as host issue-driven meetings and conferences. The Workforce Readiness Program is a holistic, intensive and highly personalized approach to preparing adults to enter the workforce or advance their careers. The mission of A Wider Circle is simple: to end poverty for one individual and one family after another, connecting those it serves with those seeking to help, to ensure that every child and adult has the chance to succeed and the opportunity to live well.
  •          Byte Back, Inc., of Washington, DC, will use its $100,000 NCTA Foundation grant for outreach, recruitment, and learning. This funding will enable Byte Back to create a video production studio and virtual classroom to enhance and expand its curriculum. The video production studio will serve as an experiential teaching resource for educating students about media and video production, while the virtual classroom will extend access to training and educational efforts through distance learning. Byte Back provides invaluable professional skill development to underserved Washington, DC residents through free computer training and IT certification classes, and career preparation services that promote increased self-confidence, achievement and economic opportunity. 
  •          BUILD Metro DC, of Washington, DC, will use its $110,000 Foundation Grant to provide students participating in its program in one or more Washington, DC, schools, the opportunity to learn coding, web and graphic design skills, and launch technology-based businesses – better preparing them to become innovative entrepreneurs in the 21st century digital economy. BUILD is dedicated to using the power of experiential learning through entrepreneurship, and igniting the potential of youth in under-resourced communities.

Joining NCTA’s Powell and Pierce at NCTA headquarters today for the announcement were: Mark Bergel, Founder & Executive Director, A Wider Circle; Elizabeth Lindsey, Executive Director, Byte Back; and Bryce Jacobs, Regional Executive Director, BUILD Metro DC.

The NCTA Foundation will work with the three organizations to monitor the progress of the programs it is funding and to identify additional opportunities for NCTA employee volunteers to support the partner organizations.

To watch a recorded stream of the event, please visit the NCTA Foundation's Ustream channel:

Password: NCTA2016 (case-sensitive)


The NCTA Foundation is dedicated to community development and, through strategic funding support and partnership activities, provides opportunity for individuals, especially America’s youth, to grow and prosper in today’s digital world. The Foundation seeks to support organizations and projects that leverage broadband-related technology and services to meet community needs.