One America News Network Announces its 2016 GOP Presidential Candidate Straw Poll Results


One America News Network Poll Shows Senator Ted Cruz Leading with Senator Rand Paul with a strong showing in second.  Dr. Ben Carson and Carly Fiorina Show Strong Top Ten Performances

Washington, D.C., – June 18, 2015 - One America News Network, a credible source for 24/7 national and international news, announced today the results from its 90 day online One America News Network 2016 GOP Presidential Candidate Straw Poll. 

The results show strong numbers for Senator Ted Cruz, the first GOP candidate to announce, leading the pack just breaking the 30% mark at 30.4%.   Senator Rand Paul comes in second with a strong 24.2% showing.   Governor Scott Walker rounds out the top three with 9.6%.    Rounding out the top five are Dr. Ben Carson at 6.6% and Senator Marco Rubio at 6.1% running neck and neck.   Governor Jeb Bush just missed finishing in the top five, with a sixth place finish at 2.5%.   Carly Fiorina is on the heels of Governor Bush, trailing by only 0.4% with a seventh place 2.1% finish.  Rounding out the top ten include 8th place finisher Governor Mike Huckabee at 2.0%, Donald Trump at 1.9% in 9th place and Congressman Allen West with 1.6% finishing in tenth.   

Top ten candidates Dr. Ben Carson (4th), Carly Fiorina (7th) and Donald Trump (9th) have extensive proven expertise outside the political realm, but have never held office.   

Four women are ranked in the top 20, namely Carly Fiorina (7th), Sarah Palin (11th), Susana Martinez (19th), and Michele Bachman (20th) with only Carly Fiorina a formally announced 2016 Presidential Candidate.  

Two top ten candidates are African American, Dr. Ben Carson (4th) and Allen West (10th).

According to Matt A. Schlapp, chairman of the American Conservative Union, the host of CPAC, “The OAN Straw Poll is a new snapshot of where the Republican contest sits.  What I found the most interesting is that the first time presidential candidates, who are perceived as new faces, are performing better than the veterans.  After 6 years of President Obama, American voters and especially conservatives are looking for an outsider who is willing to take on what is wrong with Washington.  This poll is another indication that the race is wide open, with no clear frontrunner.” 

Tabulated results for the Top 25 from One America News Network’s 2016 GOP Presidential Candidate Poll are shown below.   Each voter was restricted to a single vote per week.    

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