OrcaTV Launches "Campus Life Channel" Platform


PHILADELPHIA, Jan. 26, 2015  -- Today, OrcaTV announced the launch of its innovative media platform for colleges and universities allowing students, faculty and staff to stay in touch with everything that is happening on campus in real-time. OrcaTV's platform consolidates, curates and distributes a broad range of content vastly improving a sense of campus community while reducing IT and administrative costs.

How It Works
Students, faculty and staff submit and schedule content to the OrcaTV portal.  Content can include almost anything including videos, flyers, alerts, files as well as social media such as Twitter, Instagram and more. The OrcaTV portal then facilitates the review and curation of the content, encodes or transcodes the content into suitable format, sets the programming for the Campus Life Channel and then seamlessly distributes the channel across campus through digital signage, cable television and the Internet.

The platform is very flexible allowing colleges and universities to define content rules, means of distribution and more. Students love to see themselves and their friends in videos to promote on campus events. Faculty and administration can embed course information, public service announcements, alerts and other useful information. The Campus Life Channel becomes the go-to place for all relevant news and information.

OrcaTV has established their beta network across several campuses including Johns Hopkins University and most recently the University of New Hampshire. "It's exciting to see how relevant our platform is. Showcasing student content and curating campus social media keeps it engaging - all while reducing the challenges administrators face managing various content and technologies," says OrcaTV Founder and Chief Executive Officer Rajiv Shenoy.

In 2012, OrcaTV received an angel investment from Bill Gray, former CEO of Ogilvy N.A. and a current senior advisor to the Blackstone Group. In early 2014, OrcaTV further accelerated their growth with an investment from Campus Televideo, the nation's leading provider of satellite delivered cable television services to colleges and universities. "OrcaTV provides a fantastic content experience that is a natural fit with our cable television service," says CEO of Campus Televideo, Brian Benz.

About OrcaTV
OrcaTV, founded in 2010, is a digital media company for colleges and universities. Our campus life channel, technology and services help take the complexity out of engaging students while creating a fun and easy platform for communications. Leveraging university-approved social media and combining it with rich, user-created content, the OrcaTV team works with administrators to curate and circulate the "campus life channel" across digital signage, cable television and the Internet. OrcaTV is a Virginia SWaM and minority-owned business with headquarters in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. For more information about OrcaTV, visit us online at www.orcatv.com or follow us on Twitter @OrcaTV1.

About Campus Televideo
With over 30 years of experience, Campus Televideo (CTV) provides tailored cable TV solutions for the delivery of authenticated entertainment, educational, and custom content. CTV offers optimal video solutions and implement the most innovative cable TV practices including IPTV and streaming video. Campus Televideo currently works with over 250 campuses, reaching over 600,000 students. They offer personalized service, cutting edge technology, and flexible options that will meet the unique needs of any campus community. For more information about Campus Televideo please visit www.campustelevideo.com or follow them on Twitter @CampusTelevideo.