OWNZONES Channels Now Offered On Roku


BEVERLY HILLS, Calif. -- OWNZONES Media Network is pleased to announce its channels are now available on Roku, a streaming media player that takes content from the internet and displays it on a television. OWNZONES is a comprehensive content distribution solution for celebrities, influencers and other content owners and creators.

The partnership between OWNZONES and Roku is aligned with a shift in the way consumers are engaging with video content. No longer is conventional cable the primary player in the media distribution business.

"Roku owns 49% of the market share for household streaming devices, so this partnership is extremely exciting," said Brian Faunce, Director of Product Development at OWNZONES.  "It will inevitably allow for significant increases in reach and exposure for OWNZONES' content owners." 

Roku provides more than 2,500 channels and allows users to search for video content by actor, title or director using their remote, the Roku mobile app, or even by voice with Roku's new voice search capability.

Approximately half of all United States households with internet service have a streaming device, according to research by NPD Group. And according to a comScore.com report, Roku devices are accessed by more households than Google Chromecast and Apple TV. The combined market share of Google Chromecast, Apple TV, and Roku devices exceeds 80%. 

As this strategic partnership demonstrates, OWNZONES is keeping pace with the growing amount of households utilizing streaming devices while continuing to evolve as a media company that is deeply in-tune with developing technologies and changing content consumption habits.

About OWNZONES.com
OWNZONESMedia Network is a comprehensive content distribution solution that provides an integrated package of services for content owners and influencers struggling with the increasingly complex digital media landscape. OWNZONES leverages proprietary technology, decades of experience, partnerships with prominent distribution platforms and a unique all-in-one solution whose services include strategic development, programming, optimization and marketing. The integrated approach allows content owners to efficiently deliver best-of-class programming to today's global audiences while maximizing revenue.