Procera Networks Deployed for Video Analytics by Tier 1 Broadband Operator


FREMONT, Calif. -- Procera Networks, Inc. (NASDAQ: PKT), the global Subscriber Experience Company, today announced that a new Tier 1 operator customer has deployed Video Perspectives. The operator selected Procera's solutions to gain insights into network issues that are affecting their subscribers' video quality of experience (QoE) and to quickly take actions to resolve any reduction in video QoE. The operator selected Procera's Video Perspectives solution due to its unique combination of delivery and presentation QoE scoring for over-the-top (OTT) video and managed video services.

"Network Operators need to have visibility into when subscribers have a bad experience with streaming video," said Andy Lovit, senior vice president, Global Sales and Services for Procera. "Video Perspectives identifies bad experiences and helps to identify the root cause of the degradation in video QoE so that operators can take action to fix the problem."

With Video Perspectives, broadband operators have a complete view of video content being consumed by their subscribers. The solution measures both the Delivery QoE (how the network delivers the video to the subscriber) and the Presentation QoE (how the video is presented to the subscriber), providing operators with meaningful metrics on how their network is delivering video to their subscribers. Video Perspectives provides a far more meaningful measurement of video QoE than the current speed indexes often issued by OTT providers.

The video analytics collected by Video Perspectives is integrated into the Insights product family – Engineering, Marketing, and Customer Care – to provide relevant information to the right audience inside of the operator. Each Insights product is optimized for the views that simplify the workflows of the target audience, and contain both pre-configured and customized reporting and analytics options.

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