Realm Receives Investment from Ericsson Ventures to Advance Development of Edge Computing Solutions

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San Francisco, CA—Realm, the world’s most popular real-time mobile platform, today announced a strategic investment from  Ericsson Ventures, Khosla Ventures and Scale Venture Partners. In addition to the investment, Realm and Ericsson will work together to develop new types of cloud services to improve mobile applications and the network experience.

The Realm Mobile Platform empowers organizations and developers to build mobile apps that offer real-time features like messaging and collaboration, and offline experiences that were previously only possible for organizations with virtually unlimited IT and developer resources. A real-time distributed database -- installed more than 3.5 billion times within applications including Starbucks, SAP, eBay, Intel and Alibaba -- coupled with a “serverless” compute platform, the Realm Mobile Platform is a unique and logical extension for the 5G network technology that Ericsson is at the forefront in developing. 

In tangent with the development and rollout of 5G, network architectures must evolve and the traditional model of a central cloud passing data through the network to the device will be replaced by advanced cloud services delivered at the network edge. The Realm Mobile Platform coupled with cloud capabilities “forward deployed” to edge clouds will transform the nature of mobile applications, providing highly responsive, immersive, real-time user experiences that leading application publishers seek. 

“Ericsson is pioneering a new type of cloud - the “edge cloud” - to support new, more responsive mobile experiences and exciting new use cases for the Internet of Things,” said Paul McNamara, Vice President at Ericsson Ventures. “In a short time, Realm has achieved massive adoption of its mobile object database, becoming a major player in the app economy. Realm’s rapidly expanding installed base, now numbering more than 3.5 billion end points, represents a large market opportunity for advanced edge cloud services. We are delighted to work with Realm to industrialize these powerful edge cloud capabilities and prepare for the next generation of mobile technology.”  

“Mobile developers are under extreme pressure to build apps that provide an engaging responsive experience, whether it is for consumers or field workers. Ericsson’s decision to invest in Realm is an enormous validation for our breakthrough approach to mobile data management, and further proof of our success in the market at changing the way companies build mobile apps,” said Alexander Stigsen, cofounder and CEO of Realm. “We are excited to work together with Ericsson to further develop solutions that solve the biggest mobile development challenges, and fulfill the potential of ultrafast 5G networks, powerful mobile devices and limitless developer imagination.”

Realm’s groundbreaking Object Server technology ensures all the data handled by the app are “live objects,” kept updated automatically in realtime and highly responsive within an embedded database on the device. In addition, the Object Server has built-in serverless technology, enabling developers to program data handling that constantly listens to the data stream and executes server-side logic in response to changes. It also handles asynchronous data, with built-in conflict resolution, delivering powerful offline experiences and seamless handling of network connectivity.

About Realm

Realm is the mobile platform powering the world’s most responsive applications. Launched in 2014, the Realm Mobile Database is the most popular third-party database in the world, and the mobile database enabling high-performance, highly engaging end-user experiences for more than a billion users of mobile apps. The Realm Mobile Platform, which combines the Realm Mobile Database and the new Realm Object Server, is the ideal solution for any company that wants to deliver great and collaborative user experiences through live data synchronization between users and offline app availability. For the first time, any company in any industry can now easily and affordably build mobile apps that offer realtime features like messaging and chat, collaboration and endpoint computing. More information about the company is available at or @realm.