Rentrak Signs TV Station Agreement with KOMU-TV


PORTLAND, OR -- Rentrak (NASDAQ: RENT), the leader in precisely measuring movies and TV everywhere, today announced it has signed a long-term agreement with NBC-affiliate, KOMU, owned by the University of Missouri.   KOMU is the only major network affiliate in the United States that acts as a university-owned commercial television station utilizing its newsroom as a working lab for students. The news station is recognized throughout the broadcast industry as the premier training ground for television journalists. While KOMU strives to bring the best education to its students, it also works to bring Mid-Missouri the best news coverage and has received numerous awards for its on-air news coverage. KOMU will now be selling its inventory, analyzing its news and other program performance, and evaluating its marketing efforts with Rentrak’s demographics and Advanced Demographics ratings for automotive.  “We are excited to be working with Rentrak and to have access to their stable, granular measurement,” said Marty Siddall, general manager of KOMU. “As a commercial station and teaching university we serve the individuals and communities in Mid-Missouri, our students and advertiser partners. Rentrak will help us with each. With Rentrak’s daily ratings and Advanced Demographics, we will better understand our viewers, while teaching our students about the new way local television is now being measured. At the same time we will be better positioned to demonstrate the value we bring to our advertiser partners.” “KOMU is a premier local television station and creator of talent for our broadcast industry,” said Steve Walsh, Rentrak’s executive vice president of local television. “We are excited to have KOMU utilizing Rentrak ratings and introducing the next generation of television professionals to Rentrak.”   Rentrak's television ratings service is the only fully-integrated system of detailed nationwide satellite, telco and cable TV viewing information gathered from more than 31 million TVs and 117 million Video on Demand TV viewers in the U.S. and Canada. It also includes granular information for TV stations in all 210 local markets, projected to the U.S. population.   About Rentrak
Rentrak (NASDAQ: RENT) is the entertainment and marketing industries' premier provider of worldwide consumer viewership information, precisely measuring actual viewing behavior of movies and TV everywhere. Using our proprietary intelligence and technology, combined with Advanced Demographics, only Rentrak is the census currency for VOD and movies. Rentrak provides the stable and robust audience measurement services that movie, television and advertising professionals across the globe have come to rely on to better deliver their business goals and more precisely target advertising across numerous platforms including box office, multiscreen television and home video. For more information on Rentrak, please visit