New York, NY  – Today REVOLT announced “REVOLT 2 Vote,” an initiative to help get more young people engaged in the 2016 political cycle. REVOLT will use its unique expertise and positioning with their audience to encourage engagement and discussion on critical issues, including: gun violence, the economy, immigration, educational access, LGBT rights and more. 

REVOLT 2 Vote” will include ongoing coverage of key issues that matter to young people, anchored by new, original research, a weekly digital series featuring interviews with political leaders and insights from young thought leaders and influencers.  REVOLT will also provide on-the-ground coverage at both the Democratic National Convention and the Republican National Convention, Presidential and Vice Presidential debates, and other significant political events during the cycle.

 “Our young target audience is the most multicultural generation in US history, and we are launching “REVOLT 2 Vote” to help better connect this powerful group to the political process, and help those in power better understand how to engage them in return,” said REVOLT CEO Keith Clinkscales. “The 2016 presidential election will be the first or second time many young people will vote for a presidential candidate and REVOLT wants to help make sure their voice is heard, and their interests are well represented.” 

REVOLT’s election coverage will be led by REVOLT host and Chief Political Correspondent Amrit Singh ̶ a culture journalist, documentarian and lawyer, who will pen a weekly “Facts Only” column for and conduct on-camera interviews with notable figures about policy and issues affecting the Millennial audience. In addition to the original coverage, REVOLT will provide expert curation of discussions around the presidential campaign, offering a concentrated feed focused exclusively on helping young people better understand key issues and the positions of the leading candidates. REVOLT is developing a "kitchen cabinet" of passionate young political voices, including political organizers, marketing experts, members of the media, and community leaders. The REVOLT 2 Vote Street Team will help our audience not only stay informed, but deeply engaged on social. To join the conversation on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram @RevoltTv #REVOLT2Vote.