Revry Launches LGBTQ Live Cable TV Platform Powered by Brightcove

Brightcove Beacon allows Revry to provide unprecedented access to LGBTQ content to better serve the queer community
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BOSTON - Brightcove Inc., the leading global provider of cloud services for video, announces that Revry, the first global LGBTQ streaming network, is now powered by Brightcove Beacon. Revry is using Brightcove Beacon to deliver upon consumers’ shifting viewing preferences – which includes access to more live TV content. Amid widespread cancellations of major Pride events and LGBTQ film festivals due to COVID-19, the new service provides an unprecedented option for those in need of community during this pandemic: a free, truly “always on” TV experience made exclusively for LGBTQ people.

Brightcove Beacon’s innovative streaming experience allows Revry to curate to its audiences in real-time through multiple live TV channels, resulting in a reliable and personalized TV experience–a feature that is particularly important to Revry’s cause-driven core audience. “Accessibility has always been our mission at Revry given that access to this content literally saves lives,” said Damian Pelliccione, CEO and co-founder of Revry. “When we first were introduced to the Brightcove Beacon technology, we saw the opportunity to create the platform of our dreams: free, live, and able to showcase multiple viewpoints and stories from our community. With this tech, “Brightcove has enabled Revry to become a niche-focused version of Pluto or XUMO, but made specifically for the queer community.”

With over one thousand hours of movies, shows, news, music and podcasts, Revry offers unapologetically queer content through its “tribrid” distribution model that provides multiple ways audiences can view and engage. Users can watch content completely free with ads, without ads with a subscription, and now with Brightcove Beacon, audiences can watch four new live TV channels: Revry Live TV, Revry 2, Revry 3 and Revry Now (the first 24/7 LGBTQ global news channel).

“The OTT market is exploding and we’re excited to bring Revry aboard as they continue to make a profound impact on the LGBTQ community,” said Rick Hanson, Chief Revenue Officer, Brightcove. “Video is a powerful way to communicate, especially in today’s virtual world, so we’re excited that Brightcove Beacon gives Revry the opportunity to engage more authentically with their audience through a best-in-class viewing experience.”

“Creating a ‘radically inclusive’ global platform has always been our in our DNA given the diverse makeup of Revry’s women-led, majority queer, veteran and POC founding team,” said Alia J. Daniels, COO and Co-Founder of Revry. “One of the best things about the new apps is that we're not locked-in to only showcasing one point of view at a time­–however you identify within the community, chances are you'll always see yourself reflected back on one of our live channels”



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