RTP Holdings LLC Announces First US Patent Award for Advanced Video Engagement on Mobile Devices


RADNOR, PA -- RTP Holdings LLC (dba: Lokita Solutions), a software startup company focused on location-based mobile content engagement, today announced that the United States Patent and Trademark Office has issued US Patent 9,462,210 covering methods for interacting with video displays using a handheld mobile device, and a system for creating positon and orientation relationships between interactive devices. This proprietary technology is applicable to interactive TV and mobile video apps, including the secretive next-generation Apple TV®, Bluetooth-enabled Smart TV apps, Roku® TV apps, innovative ATSC 3.0 next-gen TV broadcast implementations, and enterprise apps using BLE beacons such as Aruba Networks®’ WiFi-BLE Mesh or the new Estimote Mirror.

This is RTP’s first patent award. The technology creates hyper-local relationships between mobile devices and media sources, allowing for simultaneous duplication of clickable menu elements on both the TV display and the mobile screen, so TV viewers and app users can join an immediate feedback loop. “This enables advanced mobile-TV audience engagement in new and powerful ways. One of the things we’re most excited about is implementing this new technology for Advanced Emergency Alerts on large format TV displays,” said Chet Dagit, Lokita Solutions’ Founder and Managing Director. Last week the FCC ruled to allow Wireless Emergency Alerts (WEA) to include embedded links to rich media. The Lokita system closes the loop between WEA and the broadcast TV Emergency Alert System (EAS), with hyper-local embedded photos, rich media and real-time video. The system delivers rich media to mobile devices even in indoor locations where GPS and cellular network coverage is not very good.

“The Advanced Warning and Response Network (AWARN), based on ATSC 3.0, enables a major upgrade to public emergency alerting, as well as more resilient first responder communications. AWARN uses next-generation terrestrial broadcasting to deliver rich-media, and geo-targeted public alerts. Last month, the manhunt in New York City and the flooding in Louisiana were reminders that rich-media and narrower geo-targeting capabilities are needed for effective mobile alerts. For example, alerts like ‘Shelter-In-Place’ are much more effective when they are highly geographically specific. These systems are examples of how new technology can be utilized to improve public safety,” said John Lawson, Executive Director of the AWARN Alliance.

The use of mobile apps for Discovery and Navigation of TV programming has exploded over the past two years. Globally there are over 100 million active users of TV Remote Apps. In North America that represents 20+ million homes. Pairing these apps with TV displays for enhanced viewer engagement unlocks new revenue opportunities for content makers and distributors. It also opens new communications channels for improved public safety in emergency situations, such as dangerous weather events.

The company has filed continuation patent claims on this its first invention. The continuation claims cover mobile app interaction with devices beyond the TV display such as home and building automation systems, safety and security systems, and IoT components. These extended mobile engagement experiences include augmented reality visual overlays of interactive components throughout a smart-home connected environment. The company expects new and further continuation patent applications will generate a rich patent portfolio within the next five years.

About RTP Holdings – Lokita Solutions: Remote TelePointer LLC (RTP) is an award winning early-stage software startup in Southeastern Pennsylvania. It uses the business name RTP Holdings, and the systems integrator name; Lokita Solutions. RTP is an Aruba Networks App Development Partner, a Hewlett Packard Enterprise HPE-Edge Partner, and the North American distributor for DigiCAP, a Korean ISV whose customers are large Southeast Asian telecom providers, broadcasters and Pay-TV operators. The company consults to large corporate entities, educational institutions, broadcasters, and MVPDs. In 2015 Lokita won a mobile app challenge competition for the University of Pennsylvania. The company was registered in 2012 to be the assignee of forthcoming intellectual property rights. The company’s first patent is assigned to RTP and positioned for exclusive licensing into specific vertical markets, such as Public Safety, Healthcare and Education, and Consumer Television. Apple, Aruba Networks, Bluetooth, HPE, Roku and other trademarks are the property of their respective trademark holders.